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  1. Your the big gae - Mel

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Melony


      *dies and rolls around*


    3. Dissy


      *rolls you up in a thick blanket* now you a sushi roll

    4. Melony


      wooooooooooooo :syobonyanOTL:

  2. It is sad to see people go however it is in all rights to let people do what they want. however i hope you enjoy your future endeavours in whatever game/career path you choose!~ item of choice would be the Sealed Face Off Robe. would be nice addition to what i have but i'm not to bothered if you let me have that item of choice but that's fine~ my reason being well is that it would be a great pleasure and i wish the best of luck at what you go forward into after this day onward. Edit: IGN Is Dissy
  3. 3rd Jobs are nice and all. but im still waiting on the event/whatever they was called. dungeons cause i played them on NA they was super fun to play. ill probs still play however but my life kinda shifted over to splatoon.

  4. You come around these parts often? Mind if I take you home and we can snuggle 



    pls dont kill me


  5. Feels bad im back at maining Rose.

    This time OP

    But Hey She is hella fun to play c:

    1. Takenaka


      I'm back to being Luciel trash. We're in this together :'))

    2. Dissy


      Yes we are. c':

  6. Lost My Way....

  7. *Boops again*