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  1. Idm having more stuff to dress my eve with, but this is like the 4th maid outfit already yikes.
  2. Welp this IB rotation is great -cough-. What IB set would be most popular tho?
  3. Hello~ Welcome! If you need any help feel free to ask. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. If it's the xign code virus error it might be worth it to stay around for a while since more ppl seem to have this issue so it will probably be resolved sooner than later.
  5. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. Welcome! Feel free to DM me or anything if you need any help c: I hope you enjoy your stay
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome! I hope so too! And thank you c: Thank you! I will try my best to enjoy it as much as I can ^^ Hope to see you ingame ~ Thank you Thank you GM! I'm a member of Ass hue. Thank you for the welcome! And I'll try my best ^^
  8. Hi y'all~ So I've been playing void for a good 2 or 3 years now. I really don't know exactly forgive me. Like many others I started on NA, around eve's release, and went to void once I noticed how much cheaper it is and back then it had content that NA didn't have yet. Oh how times have changed. However, I've always kept everything in-game and only made friends in-game. A year ago I discovered discord and that's how I made more friends and kept better in touch with the friends I made in Elsword. Now I've been in a few guilds, but came to the conclusion that that's not my place to be. Idk why but they don't really.. suit me? Idk, it's weird. Long story short: I decided to introduce myself now as I'm more active on the forum and hope to get to know you all a bit better and who knows, maybe even make some friends c: Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon ^^
  9. Hehehe, ye NA is overpriced af- Though you still won't get as much as ED in void as you would in NA so it evens out a bit. Though selling EC and prices are overall still very low on void compared to NA c': I have a Shakti as well and love playing her too. So I'm curious to see if you're gonna like her too c:
  10. Welcome! Glad to hear you enjoy it here~ Tbh Apsara has always been my favorite Ara, so it'd be hard to chose if you really want to main another class. But it depends on what you like really. Do you prefer range? Damage? Pvp or pve? And ye Ara is rather expensive, but not as expensive as Eve or Laby at least. It can be kinda hard to get stuff for her, but enough other players play her to have it available for her. You do need some gear to do some good damage with her, but I suppose that goes for any char and class nowadays (except EtW ofc, oh the shade). Anyways I'm rambling--welcome again and if you need any help just hit me up!
  11. Name/Nickname: Rose IGN: Eafy Main/Alt: main Char+Class: Eve/Code Sariel Timezone: UTC+1 Why would you like to join this guild? Looking for an active PVE guild where I can help others, carry them, do dungeons with and just have fun with. Thank you!
  12. I will add you when I'll get on Elsword - though I already think I have you added- - in that case I'll apply on the guild ad ^^" But thank you!
  13. IGN(s): Eafy Main or Alt?: Main Age(optional): 21 Reason to join: I've been playing Elsword and void for a long time. I've been wondering in a few well-known guilds and wanted to try out something new, refreshing, in the hope to make new friends and to get to know new people. About me(optional): -
  14. Hiya~ [Astroworld] is a lvl 16 PVE guild. Despite our level we are rather small. We have a cozy bunch of people active every day and we love helping others out in game. We can help and guide you through the struggle of getting good gear, carry in hard dungeons and just have fun together! Our main goal is to have fun, to talk a bunch in our discord server and to make friends wherever we can.
  15. Haekoii