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  1. +1 going from dark youtube and discord to these forums is blinding
  2. So, originally I was going to try and list the concept artists but honestly the lines get really blurry for the first era. But I assume it goes; First era Ress - Base characters up until chung and some second job Takoman - Whatever second jobs Ress didn't do, but honestly it looks like they worked together bc u can't tell a difference between their designing styles. at all, 2na said takoman also did Saber Knight Second era BlackJD - Chung and ??? Sando - Base ara, mostly ara if it doesn't look like Hwansang's art, and arc tracer, examples of the differences; Third Era(Add and up) LET HWANSANG REST BECAUSE I SWEAR TO GOD THEY'RE THE ONLY ARTIST IN KOG. Hwansang left sometime right before 3rd job or right after according to twitter. They most likely already had Laby design going beforehand, and the character after her. Also elesis is a whole bottle of fuckery, there very well could be another artist in there
  3. lower cost, mats the same. mats aren't an issue to get with those stones as someone who crafts them, it's always the crafting fee.
  4. Pretty sure this is really just something that was overlooked when bringing in elrianode content. No reason why they're not sealed
  5. It's been tested to death, yes it does. NA already did tests for it, the amount just might not be an impressive on here since NA has room for more of a gap. IDR is known to not affect boss drops, every other person knows this.
  6. Btw, ED counts as an item so raising idr also raises ED drops.
  7. +1 all maybe move the armors to a selection cube as well
  8. a big hack happened where the item was spawnable. chaos ensued, and literally trillions of ED(in a time where getting bils was decently hard and not that needed) was on the board for 1 ed ea. To try and fix this, they flat out deleted the item. +1 for raising the limit, if they can.
  9. Issues with this: Enhancement events like officials have are typically seen as cash grabs, modelling the event after them will be seen as the same. Having them as a trade in for the events could potentially hurt void's profits as everyone just grinds up the fluos, no need for them later, and fluos being the most bought item in cash shop is one hell of a hit. Having a cash shop event would sky rocket ec prices, it has before. Even without a cash shop event, a good IB can and HAS screwed over the eco for an entire month. Eco right now is in the shitter, it's community ran on the server with 5x ec, 2-3x drop/exp, higher enhance rates, more ed in general, etc, and even with all of that it's still a daunting wall for newbies that we're getting. We shouldn't be generally matching and sometimes PASSING NA in prices, but we do. We should figure a way to make something as basic as corrupted elrianode guard not take 300+ sd runs to afford. After all the issues are addressed or another solution for this comes up I can't see why another way to get fluos is off the table.
  10. It's more than just a void issue. Void takes off like, 2 hours of the grind, thats it. Again, I don't know how you were leveling slow enough on NA to not speed through. The only thing that truly stops you on NA is if you don't have stam pots, and they fixed even that issue with stamina refreshing everytime you level and killing off any need to touch sander, lanox, and elysion. they're slower than SDs in terms of leveling, even, again, on NA. this isn't a void issue, this is what kog is intending the game to be.
  11. I don't know if you level without any sort of exp but I've capped within 4 hours on even NA. early game is those regular dungeons, and I really consider sds midgame content at this point. it's not an issue of too much exp given by x server, it's an issue that kog wants to forget those dungeons exist. I don't know how you're still able to experience them, even on NA. kog has made it easy even on officials to breeze through them.
  12. voted for one, the only problem I can see is getting all those models out, and going back and giving ain and laby's ontop of it. small team right now and all