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  1. i just wanted to let uknow, that your images on your thread are broken o/ "" goodluck with the guild o/
  2. NOO :^( Why?? :^(((( Why do you have to leave us so soon @Nic this e-thot world was actually better to live on with you.. :^((( I miss you already D:
  3. This looks nice tbh. I'm looking forward for it uwu
  4. let us be free with our fluorite exchange D: whyhermionewhy
  5. Same. I believe our host @Nevermore is going to make a "Your opinions on transparency 3.0" soon. lul But I'm p sure the higher-ups are busy working then they would check here after or ignore the thread :^(
  6. bump. this suggestion must rise up.. RISE UP..
  7. I don't know much about this but I don't think I'll get Stage 15 by it.. or should I focus on making Elrianode then +11 all my shit and get the IB's/DM/SI & ERP for my chung?
  8. Well, apo disks are apparently easier to get after we get the 2.4 update. cough 2b disks + unbelievable amount of shards to get just to stage 15 1 weapon hahahahahahaha 11-5 is ded so...... Unless if people wanna try and do 1min runs and give us back the old el-tear market we love. . . . I wonder if Void will still keep +11 as the max and tweak up Varnimyr region or let it slide to +12 or smth. I also feel nerfs incoming. . .
  10. exactly. too bad its the only elsword private server on earth and with all the freebies so we had to cope up. ur a smart crabo uwu actually, just to add more info: in void, you rent your account and you can donate but they can restrict ur account aswell and not tell u why, for whatever the fuck the reason. It's like giving a toy to a kid and say "you can keep it if you'd like" and then take it back because "you're a scammer!!"
  11. Tbh @Nevermore @Yxo and others Y'all stole the words off my mouth. Props to you guys. agreed lmao this, tbh.
  12. +999999 Actually, make more ways in order to get them. ♥
  13. Noice idea jumper. I agree with this, but I also agree with the others since that both parties are right.. I doubt Void will actually do this unless they're going to nerf everything and tweak up shit in order to make Varnimyr easier for those below +11. still+1