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  1. when i first started elsword in like november of 2008.... i made an eve she was a code architecture but then i deleted her bc the hair is ugly
  2. i love my best friend

  3. long live the iconic duo

    1. PurpleListed


      Bestie about to find out how extra I am come wednesday 

  4. i really don't hate to break it to you but you didn't invent ombres

  5. The best Eve to have ever lived But same with me as well Troy (((this game is so shit))), have fun with whatever you do next.
  6. I actually like one of the recolors for once.
  7. Around 8.4b or something like that, I have nothing I want to buy and I am just on League all the time so.. I just wait for rotation, get whatever new IB set for my Ara, log off and go back to League once I completed the set. Then repeat.
  9. If sticking up for a friend is eating ass then... yikes.
  10. You can just farm NPCs like the majority of the server. OT: +1
  11. Mei

    Old Recolors

    The point of the ED burner rotation is to have old recolors back again. Along with other goods of course. Though the recolors are what mostly gives it value lol.
  12. IGN: Silence What items do you want? : HU Force, I can provide hanger (if HU force is taken, I'd like SR hair can unhanger ofc) Reason: I want it to look really shiny and I've been looking for it for a while but no one would sell me it so I gave up on it. For the SR hair, it'd complete my Eve SR 5/5! I hope you will stay safe and take care of yourself during your leave.