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  1. I always thought that Ain did not have his version of the "Playboy Bunny" look, but recently I found a video of one using the visual and looking at Item mall I noticed that unlike the other characters, the Ain version is not for sale. So, please add it. (Sorry for the English probably bad and if you have already commented on this) Video which I commented:
  2. Playboy bunny costume ? q-q
  3. I was thinking about banned people, and I thought about the fact that after being banned the nicknames of the characters remain in use, and pretty much the nicknames are "Limited", so I thought of that suggestion: Would not it be possible to release the nicknames used by banned people, after a certain period, so that other people can use that nickname? The period quoted would be in the case the time that the banned player could send his "Ban appeal". Sorry for bad English.
  4. Does anyone know if the visual Playboy bunny ver.B of Rose, was added in the magician wardrobe?, Before maintenance when I was trying to, did not work
  5. GhostRule

    New Year

    I do not know if this counts as a suggestion or a discussion. Are there any chances of a year-round event happening? because with the mailbox bug fixed, it would be possible to distribute something to the players during the turn or during the day of it.
  6. I understood, thank you all for replying
  7. So can I be confused with force lag and banned per this?
  8. I was just playing the normal void elsword with nothing else open. But I'm Brazilian and my internet is not the best, can that cause the lag too?
  9. I was going in pvp and out of nowhere a player said he was recording and would report me to Force Lag, what's this?
  10. I think it would be good to put in the ED Burner the items to make the perkisas weapon or the perkisas weapon, since not all players had the chanses to make the perkisas weapon or eltrion. And it is not possible to say that the person only does not have the weapon of perkisas because he does not want to or because he is lazy since several players started to play after the perkisas. And in pvp in my opinion the players who did not get perkisas have a great disadvantage due to the damage of the weapon, so much that most of the players of superior rank possess the perkisas. I do not know if anyone has already suggested this so I'm sorry if anyone has suggested this before.
  11. On April 1st they give players the "Skill Clip Aprill fools" and the genderbend clothing? (Weapon and Suit)
  12. Will the miho pose be added to this update?
  13. Could you tell me something else, ADM says that an event has occurred and the event time is 2/7/17 - 2/21/17, means that the event would start today as the event will start today if it has not released the download yet, Or will you release later today?
  14. Do players have to download the game again on the site or just update the game? If you have to download again, is the link already available?