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  1. i poisened

    the water supply

    now everyone dead





  2. Meme man, passed by just to say hi 

  3. who the fuck calls channels "servers"
  4. anything outside of PGC, i.e. trading a subway code before it gets cashed into an EC code via PGC would be considered RMT. i've seen way too many threads trying to trade PaySafeCards (not PixelGameCards - PSCs are popularized in Germany and most people used them in games), not as EC, but as raw PSCs. those threads get axed quickly.
  5. a subway code ain't ec though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. this falls under offsite trading/RMT btw as much as it sucks, don't do it lest your in-game account might be banned other than that, welcome back to the craphole :muscle::skin-tone-5:
  7. honestly i vaguely remember some old-ass forums use a simple -/+ rep system before the concept of "just likes and nothing else" was considered popular. now looking at 2017 we could really use that.
  8. road to 99b going strong


  9. someone fund me a 20$ google play card so that i can not kill myself

  10. would be awesome if the game's coding allowed it.
  11. they're never going to bring back old content.
  12. why does the "i pretend i have a +12 hurr durr" guy keep stalking me

    1. Jochira


      I was stalked by a certain VP last week XD