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  1. Melony

    Bring back IW

    oh idk about that since KR > KOG >Void thats if KR does something abotu it then it'll be in kog void gets it from kog and yeah
  2. Melony

    Bring back IW

    its not for kog really its for the koreans. and Structure makes the re colours. here and idk well really about that
  3. Melony

    Bring back IW

    Will do Truly fucked up and yeah pretty much for every ib
  4. Melony

    Bring back IW

    -1 If their not bring pd or pdr back or vak or vakb the actual ibs back why woudl they bother with IW. +1 though since i miss it. but this thread aint gonna do shit probably
  5. take care~ and hope w.e ur doing goes well~
  6. Yoyo everyone #Pray for me i might be getting out of the curse of a wooden pc



  7. omg yes +1 beautiful
  8. hi have we met?

  9. bff isnt alive ;; #Sinner#Goddessworshiper but wont worship since u didnt letme call u goddess ;cc

  10. Tmw you try buy art but its like FUCK UR EXPENSIVE YEET MY HOPES

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    2. Melony


      im waiting for my stuff to sell :(

    3. Wonho


      farm while that's happening.

    4. Melony


      okie momma