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  1. Sinner

    Suggestions for the current event

    Atleast increase the drop rates tahts all i ask tbh if its 999 10-12 in each dung atleast I mean im sorry but im not gonna do add dung and get 2 or none in each dung SD's i get none Deb lab i get 2 or none aswell it's a gamble or lose situation for me. So +1 on this
  2. Sinner

    I'm back!1!1

    Welcome back o3o
  3. Sinner


    Hyello and welcome back!
  4. Sinner

    New to Void Elsword!

    welcome to void o3ob
  5. Sinner

    Taking a Break for now

    aw uvu and hope to see ya again BE FREE ;-;
  6. Sinner

    This Hurts ;-;

    Good luck
  7. When ur still waiting for goddess signature to treasure but o/ hope ur well goddess

  8. Sinner


    Welcome back to hell
  9. Sinner

    Hello Void O:

    Welcome to void@
  10. Sinner


    Sup and welcome to void forums o3o
  11. Sinner

    Its me. But who am I?

    You did good and welcome to void~
  12. Sinner


    Welcome back to void o/
  13. r u alive-

    1. Akali


      TRYING TO BE,,, but like i got scheduled to work fuckin full time so ur girl b dying

    2. Sinner


      yaaaaaaay and nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu