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    I draw as a hobby and occasionally open art shops if I'm not overwhelmed. I enjoy cooking.
    A true Aisha addict because all Aishas are queens.

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  1. nice trolling dude lmfaoooo
  2. Leos


    best of luck to you!
  3. We possibly wont get the actual THING implemented Just the rewards for it in another event or so
  4. NA - Code Battle Seraph And ommfggg was that such a wrong choice for starters. Void - Void Princess Again. Wrong choice since at that time i had NO experience with her.
  5. 1. Elsword is w/o a doubt. The cheapest to fund probably because people forgot him. whoops. 2. All your chosen characters are nerfed. Sadly... 3. Henirs is now considered the starting gear to work towards Elrianode gear at least, that's how I see it it doesn't have much use anymore in PvE or PvP
  6. "" IGN: BubblyPop Drafts: References: Always loved the meaning and tune of this song~ I went more towards this music videos' art-style rather than my own! So I had fun trying to work outside of my comfort zone!