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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ Lord Hennon created his safe dwelling back in 1/19/2018. It was first just a simple guild looking to welcome any-and-everyone home and help those, who were freshly starting out, boost their levels and power. It has been reborn now with new additions to its discord and its members that are striving to be active. We grind SDs, Elrianode, Guild Expeditions, and Henir's Time and Space. Our focus is towards PvE while keeping it Social. We goof off a lot and become great friends through it all. We’re very social when we’re all comfortable, so don’t be afraid/shy to include yourself in the conversations. Ranking: Guild Master - Hennon Owner Guild Administrator - Priests Given to those who passed the Admin application Officer - Servers Those who reach/are level 99 Veteran - Slaves Those who are level 70 Member - Sacrifice Role given upon invite Initiate Given to those who are not worthy for Lord Hennon! ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ 1. Follow all official VoidEls rules 2. Be respectful to everyone. We do not tolerate harassment. If you are caught, two warnings will be given before a permanent ban. 3 . English is our primary language for most of us. So please keep all conversations in the English language. 4. NSFW is strictly prohibited. We acknowledge that there are new and younger audiences to Void Elsword. You are a representative of this communities’ first impression. Always. 5. Begging and greed is very annoying. We will all try to help you with whatever it is you’re trying to earn, but please acknowledge that you can’t get help all the time. 6. Ask before taking items from the guild. Remember: you are given back more when you put effort into the guild. 7. Don’t be intolerable. Know where people’s boundaries are. Accept your punishments like an adult and move on. There’s no need to start drama. 8. There’s no limit to how many characters you put in the guild whether it’s main or alt, just make sure to log in and be active on them to avoid guild kick. 9. If you are inactive for more than 8 days. You will be demoted to guest in the discord and kicked from the guild itself. You are allowed to come back, but try to be more active. If you need more than 8 days because something came up, explain your reasoning in #absences. [Discord rules notification will be sent to you upon joining] ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ IGN/s: Character/s: Class/es: Level/s: [Discord Introduction format will be different and MUST be filled upon joining] ------------------------------------------------------------ Hennon's church Just fill out the introduction and rules and you're all set! ------------------------------------------------------------
  2. I'm so glad I randomly clicked on your profile, because your header is hilarious LOL

    1. Leoy



      TYYYY <3:syobonyanTeehee:

  3. Welcome to Void! i hope you enjoy your time here!
  4. for the Monthly Artist contest, are animes that have blood in their cover and mindbreaking (insane, mentally ill, etc) characters okay? like, would it count as 18+ if it had too much blood or just blood in general?
  5. Just because:


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      kk may I see some of your art tho?

      I wanna make sure I don't regret it o 3o

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      That's fine w/ me : ) I'll send my disc in messages

    4. DeadlyChild
  6. Personally prefer to grind Lanox because it's easy on Aisha the higher you go in SD regions, the more EXP and ED you gain from them (Elder > Bethma > Altera > Velder > Sander > Lanox) i got, like, only 200k from Elder per run in ED and then I got 2mil per run in Lanox SD (including guild ED buff and class promo buffs and Void Buff) so if you're looking for high EXP and high ED rates, Lanox would be a good grinder if you can take the fire damage which kinda astonished me that some people may or may not realize it... so Lanox is actually my favorite by far, my second being Altera because all I do is freeze the boss w/ Blizzard shower
  7. welcome aboard!!!!!! i hope you like it here
  8. welcome to Void! i hope you like it here, just a reminder creds to op there's a free Void buff in the IM and class changes here are free! hfff!
  9. welcome to the Void community m'dude creds to op
  10. Leoy

    Hi! :D

    welcome! just a heads up creds to op
  11. +1 for my baby grill Aisha because all the other voices for her make her sound annoying asf KR voice is an exception