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  1. Berthe

    Suggestions for the current event

    define dg w the same stage If it's not then why fuck 11-2 and 11-4 are there? Aren't they the dg w the same stage
  2. Berthe

    Suggestions for the current event

    Hi, do you mind adding a poll where it suggests for the drop for the frost shards in the Heroic dg, it seems like they don't even have it meanwhile SD has it but not Heroic dg overall, +1 for the topic Proof for drop rate ( i have medal of greed too but 0 drops in pepsi run)
  3. Low requirement for the shard to 300 since there is only 1 winter core can be obtained, what's the point of requiring people to get plenty of shards?
  4. S> multiple medal of greed unless you guys need it to run event
  5. Berthe

    make frost shards tradeable

    I'm neutral w this, just run dg for a week first, if it's too much to even make effort then yea, they will drop it The event just got released today, just give it sometimes
  6. it was 2k EC for last year, expect the same price
  7. make it to 100 runs since there is only 1 winter core, right ? unless you are telling people to run 1k Autistic Add's dg for achievement?
  8. unless you have autism to spend ur christmas break to run 999 dgs for the +10 or +11 armor or elite hh, i'm sorry but this is a scam rather than suffering like this
  9. I love how they brought formal attire back after i sold all of it for expensive price
  10. Berthe

    Becarefull Scammer -

    delete i. before the imgur and it will work OT: how about you just report it in the rulebreaker section, defaming won't help
  11. *dreams about the edgy boi like Chung* 


  12. Berthe

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    ok bois, B> BM x2 set for CHUNG
  13. Berthe

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Everyone else: me:
  14. Berthe

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    B> 2x Black Mesa full set for Chung
  15. Berthe

    +10 Amulet

    @Structure @Xera necro