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  1. what is this bait? signature says code sariel but ends up having Luciel banner :PEEPOWEIRD: 


  2. Welcome back! Void is currently having summer event now where you can obtain more goodies.If you are looking for a small guild, join Acuity. We have event, we do dg and we play uno too, here is the link that lead to the guild thread
  3. Accepted! Are you in game rn so that I can invite you to the guild asap?
  4. I sure do love looking at new photo of IB rotation but hello? SUMIMASEN NANI THE FUCK
  5. I hate to do this, where is the link that lead to list all of the ib pieces for the rotation? hyperlink it in the photo?
  6. Accepted! Lmk if you are online so that I can invite you to the guild asap Welcome to Acuity btw!