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  1. Even if its not as rewarding as it should be, PvP (arena) in this game is a joke balance wise. You can literally buy a title and invalidate a majority of people. Combined with cancer force skills and there's basically no reason you should lose unless your monitor is off. And then there's the class designs that make you wonder if PvP was ever thought about when the characters were developed. It's less of a Void problem and more of a KoG problem at the end of the day, sure the rankings are broken and you cant even get star rank but even then idk. They could try to have PvP related events, better exchanges etc, but it wont really matter imo.
  2. iirc that hallway was towards the old market used in like season 2 elsword right? its been so long... i almost miss this
  4. It's not just about the person in question, its about rules not being expanded on without our knowledge to ban us, especially for something we didn't do. As stated earlier its happened to many many people, many times. We as a community keep letting it happen, and I personally would like to see it stop. I can't speak for everyone but I'd rather not continue supporting a player when players like me who've supported it for years get unfairly punished because someone feels like it. If I break a rule, fair game. If I don't then I shouldn't be punished for it. That's how things should work right? If I can't shill out another $400 to fund my laby because of this so be it.
  5. dios mio its a fucking joke do u perhaps happen to be an admin's alt?
  6. It's the communities job to also not let this shit keep flying. More people are going to get banned because staff feels like its deserved. That should never be the case. My wallet will speak for me at least.
  7. I'd have more respect for them (as im sure others will too) if they just owned up to their mistakes and fixed the situation as it should be. It'd be a better look for them rather than just ignoring it.
  8. You're still banning someone for joking about breaking a rule, that's exactly what a hidden rule is because you made it up...Nowhere in the rules does it state anything about joking about rules. You also just admitted you've wrongfully banned people. It's abuse of power lmao. That's like being arrested for life for joking about selling weed to a kid.
  9. But they clearly don't care...The fact is now you don't even have to break any rules to get banned, merely referencing something is enough. I remember back in 2014 or whenever, the early days of void, when they kept throwing around the words "community driven" and marketed void as a place that would be more for it's players, yet now they rule it with an iron fist thats worse than North Korea let alone the officials. Their word is law, even if they're wrong. It's jarring honestly.
  10. Literally a thoughtcrime. No rules were broken but given the "rules update" the staff will just mark it off as their own interpretation of it. Even if nothing happened. We live in an age in void's lifespan where you can get banned for even mentioning things, as a joke or not, regardless if you commit said act. Be careful, if you jokingly say your friend is hacking, they're probably going to get banned now :)
  11. dying right before drabaki ends and losing SS after waiting for other people
  12. i like the event, besides my poopie rng (got a +9 for 12 hours of farming lel, shouldve just sold it but got greedy) its a nice mixup. SD's drop rate seems a little low tho, like it took me twice as long to get to 45 beans as it did for me to get 80 of the add lab ones/or even deb