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  1. sure, but thats not what i was saying. CC is cancer, chung in general is cancer. laby being more cancer doesnt make them any less cancerous to fight. its pretty funny someone whos playing one of the most broken characters/classes in the game is complaining about another character whos also broken is all.
  2. imagine playing one of the god tier characters and complaining about cancer *:・゚✧(ꈍᴗꈍ)✧・゚:* theyre a comet crusader btw
  3. not even surprised this games pvp is dead. the classes are so unbalanced its honestly shameful, something you'd expect from an early access game on steam. literally have classes that can catch you once and win, on top of already having almost unbeatable neutral. might as well turn off your monitor if u get matched against an Oz, MP or ST. dont even get me started on chung or laby. i dont think any of the devs actually play their game lol
  4. so fun fighting people who have aol dial up internet in 2019, especially when theyre a high tier like Laby (EtW nonetheless). Man I love fighting someone who's impossible to hitstun; has unlimited resources to spam, almost uncounterable options on top of having the highest mobility in the game. the pepega is for people who say hurr durr international server. my fucking ass ive played people who are are in the middle east/on the otherside of the world who have a better connection than these asshats lmao.
  5. idk dude they all look alike to me, just sayin ive been one shotted by that skill ig thats what it is? at around 4:35
  6. Honestly nobody plays luciel in KR afaik so its unlikely (like rose) she'll get nerfed. Even in KR there's vids of that one rose class doing 80% of someones hp with that one skill. But it's rare and they're not taking up the leader boards so it goes unchecked. Reboots will likely only make them stronger. Also GoE just straight up makes most characters absurdly overpowered. I'm farming it on my MtM now and I can't wait til I do 50k z's.
  7. don't refer me to the salt thread this section is dead as it is kthx imagine how broken thatd be on void where we have double skill rings :shrekcrust: why are there so many classes that can one shot now why is arena dead why BabyRage does kog keep fuckin up BabyRage
  8. there's that one add class (the emo one) that, if catches you, wont allow you to MP break at all. unless u have fire res and even then he has a low KD mp drain combo. other than that from what ive seen pretty accurate.
  9. Please stop derailing the thread, as I stated many times, this isn't a witchhunt thread. Nor is the purpose of the thread to defame or call out anyone in particular.
  10. Sorry! I missed everything, I was at work please forgive me. Seems like a lot happened. I very much appreciate your participation in the thread and providing your time for the sake of this discussion/issue @VoidCM I'm garbage at formatting stuff and its way back a few pages ago so I'll be using puush to respond to specific points. I understand and agree in that specific scenario with what you're saying, I'm well aware there were plentiful outcomes that could've been for better or worse. I was merely using that event as an example because its the first to come to most people when you'd bring up lack of communication and the first issue in itself. With thousands of players, of course there are few who would be able to exploit the system, I personally don't hold our staff to the standard of being able to catch them all, that would be ridiculous, but when there's blatant players who have admitted in the past and got off scot free and continue to this day, that's where my concern is. I'm also very much aware of the brigading that occurs when a popular figure within the community gets banned, one of the instances was about such with Ramen when he was unfairly banned, I spoke up about this before, since with the provided evidence it was clear he was innocent. In obvious cases where all evidence points toward something such as but not limited to hacking; exploitation, or even RMT and so forth, I fully have no objections in your ability to decide what's best in either scenario. Again, one of my main concerns was that someone within the community (and again this is not the first time this has happened) was unjustly caught up in the fire of being banned. As you and I have both said, nobody is perfect and I couldn't do a better job myself, however I believe matters like this should be addressed, with the ability of being able to create false reports, it worries me. I understand you do your own investigating, but when people can fake discord screenshots, receipts from paypal and so on, there's no telling what one can do if they have a negative reputation. I just hope that the staff is aware of that and wouldn't let such things slander an individual. Firstly, the two in question, one of which was banned for RMT, the other was not related, they were banned but as far as I'm aware are now proven unrelated to the first banning. The one who remains banned knows they were in the wrong and has stated they're moving on from the game and are mostly accepting of their punishment. I'm not trying to defend them. In their case what they did was obvious wrong and they knew the consequences, it's unfortunate but it is how it is. The information I had was provided by the other individual yes, I had mostly wanted to have this addressed due to the reply they had received from their appeal thread. I've been around for a long time and have heard plenty of rumors and proven facts from individuals and have even had my own run ins in various scenarios, so I try to see things from an unbiased perspective. I asked plenty of questions from the individuals to get the gist of whats going on. I'd like to remind you that this thread wasn't created for any purpose other than to try to make steps in the right direction into having a better relationship as community and owners. Your points on certain people in the community are, are on point and I don't disagree. Once again I've seen it first hand. The bias point comes from having certain known members actively still playing the game going mostly as far as I'm aware of, unpunished. I don't wish to defame or name drop but it has been brought up in the thread before, it's merely a concern of mine and I don't have any real ill intentions by making this thread in the first place. My intention wasn't to dampen the relationship as I stated before, nor start some pseudo-war. Just to get more communication going and questions and concerns about certain problems I, and many others have. I'll take your word on the management of Void and Eden, I have no insight on what goes on behind the scenes and was merely drawing reference to the past event. It's understandable, I as I already stated, I lack insight into what goes on behind the scenes, so a disconnect isn't too hard to believe, but in that scenario, they were basically told to not pursue it despite being innocent. That's the main issue here with those screenshots, if in any case that were to happen what would be the process for that? To just continue to seek a response from a higher up? I don't have all the context on either side, so I won't be pressing an issue as to why it occurred in the first place. As far as putting mods on fire, that's never been my attempt. I've stated numerous time, the purpose of this thread isn't to witch hunt, it's to perhaps provide clarity between the community and staff and have issues, as needed, fixed. - I wouldn't necessarily say the servers "thriving" it's certainly alive, there's no doubting that. But it pales in comparison to the popularity of what it was before. There's many issues as to why that's the case. - That was never my point. You can ban whoever you want at the end of the day, but if someone who's innocent and is providing meaningful game to the server I don't think it's in your best interest to do so, just because of petty drama or whatever the scenario may be. As I said, there's plenty of people who have taken advantage of various exploitation and to this day play unpunished, whereas numerous accounts of people who are indeed innocent go punished. I merely only referenced money and the likes because I've personally invested over $3,000 on this server and enjoy it and would rather it not turn to shit due to a few individuals. I don't think how big my pocket is or how ever amount of money I spend, large or small or none at all should decide if I get to do whatever and get away with it, and likewise I'd rest happily knowing certain individuals don't get special protection and a free pass due to their reputation and who they know and interact with. - I never once stated that the majority of bans were unjust, nor did I state that the system doesn't work, merely that its obvious that behind the scene there are flaws. It's no secret, and I'm not bringing anything to light, it's well known. As you said, a lot of bans are for other issues such as spamming megas and the likes, I'll take your word on it cause I hear about it anyways often enough. Contrary to what you might believe, not many of my "friends" (more like acquaintances depending on said context, known players if you will) have ever been banned for either. I've known those who had, but also deserved it. If I knew and was aware of it in the first place, I wouldn't make this thread. If I didn't care and have concerns regarding the server itself rather than an assumed individual, I wouldn't have bothered. You may not believe me but that's my stance on it, and I apologize for not being able to properly articulate how I feel into text, I'm rather bad with that, I'd do terrible in PR. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I disagree with you when you say the officials don't get any bad rep for what they do. It's well documented to be the opposite. In fact, even prior to NA's shenanigans, KR has had it's own fair scandals in the past and recently, it's even hard to say if the game will last much longer there. But you're right on a few of your other points. I'm sure you're well aware, but outside of the events the server has only shrank over the years, a lot of this is due to a lack of a sense of community. Again, this isn't a witch hunt and I'm not pointing fingers, but as it stands certain individuals led to the demise of an entire thread subsection which has in turn led to the death of an entire sub community in game, which also leads to the disappearance of players keeping the game alive. There's no communication, who ever is behind the scenes doesn't talk to the community itself and there's a disconnect. If you deny that there's issues within the server, you don't even play it. I, and anyone else who has posted in this thread is aware there are issues. People who are in game right now know there's issues and it wont be addressed. Marking it away as "misinformed and factually incorrect rants about non-existing issues" simply puts that into perspective. I'd like to see that change, but obviously, if you and the rest of the staff and higher ups have no intention on doing so, things will continue as they will. Nothing lasts forever and if nothing changes it'll be a lot sooner that the inevitable comes. Sooner than it has to be. On another note, I appreciate you taking your time to read this thread and answer questions and clear up some misunderstandings if any. It's a nice change of pace and I hope things can further improve in the future. Thank you. Naw I just got home from work and was reading Void CM's responses. I don't want the thread to die. There's still a lot more I have to say if warranted but I don't want to derail the thread since the entire purpose of the thread is more so bringing this into discussion itself. Rather than here I think it would be better to have a more official thread once again dedicated to proper discussion for the issues relating to the server, or even here:
  11. Very well, I wont push further. But as far as the post from another staff member referring to not appeal again? That's pretty worrying. I did want to touch up a little on the related ban in this situation, I understand you can't provide much info due to privacy reasons, but while the 2nd person was obviously not involved, I can't help but feel even the first person involved in the matter wasn't justified. Even if they did RMT, how would you guy's go about looking at logs to figure out they did so in the first place without video evidence (Which as stated before can still be faked unless its DIRECTLY in game at the time with a recorded screen of the paypal logs + discord logs or whatever program used for it)? I've sold an IGN before for ED, what makes that scenario any different than the banned individuals if you don't have a way to prove actual $ was exchanged? I'm using this scenario merely as an excuse to learn more about the process, and hopefully help improve it in the future, for once again, less false bans. Because right now it seems pretty easy to fake RMT if you were to do an IGN exchange or anything in general if outside sources are use. So pretty much what I'm getting at is how do you determine it was RMT without screenshots from discord and investigating on your end via in game? Keep in mind the first banned individually may very well be guilty, I'm not arguing that, I'm just wondering how staff decides whats RMT when they only have limited resources to see what happened. Again, thanks for giving me insight and your time. Again please don't derail or bring any drama to the thread, I'm completely unrelated to either scenario. I'm just an outsider trying to improve the situation and hopefully get change between the community and staff.
  12. In the case of the ban appeals, why was one of the staff members telling someone not to re appeal and that it will be ignored if they were to do so? That said user is believed to be falsely banned as well, since they took no part in the reason they were banned for and simply were given a gift without their knowledge, even if you believe the first ban is justified, clearly the second isn't. As far as ban appeals being ignored that's a bit of a miscommunication there and contradictory to the system itself isn't it? There's also an example of bias posted by another user above in the thread as quoted here. I don't wish to derail the thread anymore, but I do appreciate you taking your time to reply. Thank you either way.
  13. I see your point, but transactions like that can be done in game. Every time I've sold EC does I've done so by recording a video as my evidence. Showing the process of giving them the code and so on. The fact of the matter is even if its recorded, you can still fake discord logs. You can't fake a transaction in game as easily if at all. Which falls on the community, to not let it get derailed and what not so discussion can continue! They'll have to see it and do something if this thread doesn't derail and stays number 1. Once again, if anyone has any other feedback or their own experiences that don't violate any rules without flaming, bringing drama etc, you're free to share to keep the discussion going. Just try to keep it constructive.
  14. There's various scenarios where people get banned unjustly...bias and false reports exists as well. Also mistakes can happen on the staffs part. They're humans, and its to be expected. As such it would be nice to own up to their mistakes in that scenario, as I said before if someone was doing something wrong, they deserve the ban. However using outside sources to provide said ban when they've gone on record to say they won't due to the obvious fact that it can be faked is something I don't agree with. Someone right now could take screenshots of you selling hacks in discord with fake paypal logs etc to get you banned if they wanted to. It's a possibility which is the issue. There's also the issue of the longevity of bans. I don't think a first offense for something minor should be handled with a permanent ban, a month to a couple of months, even half a year is fine. But til 2050 as a permanent ban and then the staff tells you not to make appeals. That's rather awful. Let's not forget that there's been bugs that have caused mac bans recently, do you really think Void is going to be 100% correct with who they ban every time? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That aside, please try not to derail the thread or the purpose of this discussion. Try not to start flame wars so that this doesn't get locked, this thread is for the purpose of helping our community, not hurting it.
  15. Please, read the entire post and don't derail. There's a spam thread for a reason if you have nothing better to do. That's fair, but just as many justified bans, there are bans that are unjustified. I think not providing evidence is a big issue here, keep in mind the purpose of this thread isn't merely about bans, but the various flaws in how the server is run and how it's hurting the community and server itself. Many of dedicated players have long since quit, while they've been replaced, its pretty obvious very few remain after the first few weeks of an update leading to drought within the community itself. I also think permanent bans against things that would normally warrant a slap on the wrist in officials and other games etc for the same rulebreaking is a bit absurd for a private server. Granted its their server, they can run it and make whatever rule they want, but as a community we have power to get things changed if people actually have issues with it, which again, is the purpose of the thread. Nobody is safe. As far as bans go, the biggest issue with outside sources I have, being that as Lilu himself said, they're EASILY faked. You can fake anything with enough time. You can fake his own words, you can fake receipts. Meaning anyone can make false reports out of spite if they wanted to. And the fact that some staff say dont bother appealing while some people have appealed and waited years to get unbanned is an even bigger issue with the process. Perma's have been handed out like candy at Halloween to people.