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  1. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    You are right, suggestion 4 wasn't very good, had to think more about it About the 5th suggestion honestly I don't expect it to be approved, I just would like a system in PvP that makes people have to win alot of times to gain something good, but I guess I need to think more about it I removed 4 and 5 for now since they are clearly bad/impossible Errr Let's say that +12 flame weapons are kinda nerfed, you can notice it. But you really can't notice the difference on a +11 type void... the nerf hurts +11/12 flame weapon the most but they are still insane. The sparring gear buff didn't even do anything, realistically it's not really going to help imo (or well, from what I saw) thanks for the feedback tho
  2. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    It would require alot of months of pvp everyday for hours If you are a PvE player you just do raid At the end, after 2.5 with ERP changes and Raid nerfs it became pretty easy and well you have literally 1 try per char every week to get it (unless you reset but that's about it) It's very nice for people with fps problems too, since they cant play raid to grind the weapon.
  3. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    Bump After gathering ideas from everyone I finally made a final suggestion and I remade the poll Feel free to vote yes
  4. AliceThirty

    pvp still bullshit after 2.5?

    pvp is pretty fun, most of the classes just need a +10 type void and 4/4 +9 elrianode to work fine in the current state of void arena pvp on KR is working because ppl arent crybaby that cant afford a +9 elrianode after 4 years of playing complaining about such a low entry gear doesn't make any sense, like, you are playing a mmorpg. what are you doing? you are trying to improve your gear and get your char always stronger, if you don't do this you are literally not playing again most of the people complaining about pvp hardly know how their own main works in pvp if you dont like it its fine, but the current situation in terms of balance is much better than the past 2-3 years and there are many players having fun in arena
  5. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    Bump New tip for pvp boxes: add hammers 7 days in them, maybe stacks of 1 2 and 3 Bump make arena more active, buff rewards or idk do something @voidstaff its been dead for too long first we had a year without ranking board, then got nice pvp boxes that got nerfed and people quit pvp again zzzzzzzzzzzz can you take it seriously thanks
  6. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

  7. AliceThirty

    Is Void Going Downhill?

    If you are bored from pve for lack of events queue for pvp 2v2 3v3 thanks
  8. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    A good revamp would be harder/longer quests with great rewards If monthly quests are per account like you said, they might require like.. idk 1000-1500 wins (random number) to obtain a very good reward
  9. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    Mmmh, well what I probably meant was that I think we need pvp boxes to get a little buff not a very big one, you still make money from them its just not enough to make it a real way to make money Like, it's kind of ok for who really likes pvp and wants to just pvp all the time on elsword, but if they got buffed to the point that even casual people could make good money from them im sure more people would get to like pvp and have more fun doing it Also yea, we probably need less kills requirement for salts, 8 might be better since itd be exactly 2 2v2 maybe..? What Id like about flames is to have an account daily quest that cant be repeated on every char with way better exchanges, but I dont think quests per account are possible sadly..
  10. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    Bump improve pvp exchanges/pvp boxes/anything to make it more worth it to play
  11. dude if you give up on getting type void wep just quit
  12. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

  13. AliceThirty

    Arena revamp/improvements

    Bump maybe make pvp boxes 3k AP at least . .
  14. AliceThirty

    [Event] Guess The Image

    IGN: Ayachu [Stage: Easy Answer] Mei Lanox [Stage: Medium Answer] Noel Velder[Stage: Hard Answer] Rosean Sander
  15. AliceThirty

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    queue 2s 3s to revive