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  1. stay free and keep crying also bump
  2. wont come out anytime soon
  3. [アリス] ALICE is a PvP Guild founded in february 2019 by me and @Hurtful (actually we just bought it and changed the name :p) RULES We are a small guild and we have few important rules 1- Everything in ALICE stays in ALICE especially in the discord, if something said in the guild goes out on purpose you will get kicked and hated by every alice member forever won't be hard to understand what has to be kept in the guild 2- Do GE when you can or when we do it come with us if you are busy or you really don't feel like it it's fine, just try to do it sometimes since we are a small guild and we still need alot of coins Skills We currently have 1 skilltree but we are close to get the 2nd that will be a pve grinding one PvP Tree since we don't have a second tree yet, we use this skill because the first line doesn't really offer anything useful for pvp post guild revamp this passive is actually good, we get more or less 0.7-0.8 more MP when getting hit which is very good best for 3rd line and better than the elemental resits one 3 points left here PvE Tree coming soon (hopefully How to apply Just write your IGN in the thread or contacts us in other ways below, if we don't know you we will ask you a few stuff Keep in mind we are active the most during evening/night server-time The fastest one is joining the Arena discord: -> we are all here so you will easily get invited (the guild discord is for members only) Some in game contacts: Ayachu, Swordcraft, Arjana, Vique Discord contacts: Sachiko#7307 and an#7859 Other stuff we do pvp, sometimes pve and GE we do 2s spars when arena queue is dead we do arena parties or organize solo queueing our current guild base is Magic Academy
  4. Nice edit Talking about serious stuff now, at 9 pm. 2s+3s. Do something Ran, thanks
  5. I've been doing pvp in arena way before +11 armors on IN and even before getting a good title My weapon is +10 on all 3 Luciel, my CT and DI are +9 armors. Im nowhere close to full +11 players Everything else you said doesn't deserve an answer If you dont like arena dont do it but dont go against people that just want to play the game, thanks
  6. Ye, Id like staff to work on pvp to make arena more alive and competitive and worth grinding
  7. I wish I could meet Indos in pvp, but I don't meet a single human I queue from 8 pm to 1 am, sometimes (not often anymore because its dead), and its dead
  8. Hello I'm making this thread to let people know, in case some didn't (especially the staff), that PvP queue takes very long to find a match and it's very often a match against NPCs instead of real humans. This makes PvP pretty dead but it's been like that for a while now and I (well, we) don't see improvements. 1 year ago, when premade parties were disabled, 1v1 was the only kind of alive mode and it was still very inactive which is why most of the people couldn't reach even SSS. Arena became more alive when the first champion boxes came out, but they got nerfed soon making alot of people quit arena or just queue more rarely. Right now, at 2 pm, 2v2 3v3 queue is "Unknown". Queueing during the evening matches me with alot of NPCs, and sometimes a few people (mostly 1-2 specific parties until they stop pvping). In the past years PvP has always been a very important part of elsword and very active as well, S3 was probably super active on voidels even if I didn't play here at the time. At the moment, KR and NA have a kind of decent queue, EU too and TW too. Definitely better than Void who is very very dead. PvP is my favorite mode on the game, I also have many friends that really like it and we would like to play since we phisically cant do what we like to do right now Staff isn't doing anything to make PvP active, which I believe is more important than working on updates, but it's ok. I'm going to ask again, could you please work seriously on pvp side and try to make it active? Thanks =D
  10. You are right, suggestion 4 wasn't very good, had to think more about it About the 5th suggestion honestly I don't expect it to be approved, I just would like a system in PvP that makes people have to win alot of times to gain something good, but I guess I need to think more about it I removed 4 and 5 for now since they are clearly bad/impossible Errr Let's say that +12 flame weapons are kinda nerfed, you can notice it. But you really can't notice the difference on a +11 type void... the nerf hurts +11/12 flame weapon the most but they are still insane. The sparring gear buff didn't even do anything, realistically it's not really going to help imo (or well, from what I saw) thanks for the feedback tho