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  1. no special reason I just like to win the games I play
  2. I doubt they want to give any explanation about stuff that involve legal problems, Ran wants to stay as safe as possible and give out the least possible info (which is understandable)
  3. I can't know exactly, but you can guess that if they don't allow it there are reasons Like, this server isn't even legal, we don't know what there is behind the server but if there is any law that could hurt them by allowing cash prizes in tourneys Im sure they want to avoid it something like this
  4. I think as a private server they just want to avoid any problem in general
  5. I don't think we can Void is a private server so they don't really want to deal with these kind of stuff since official servers already avoid it...
  6. i have fun fighting 2 +11 raid wep players
  7. The NI EW team should gear up more Sorry I only make fake tourneys you can make a real one if you want
  8. Get +10 then try out PvP then Everyone, the tourney will start today at 7 pm servertime, you have a few hours left to signup if you want to
  9. CP and DP are different based on the class and some stats that aren't necessary making you stronger so it's not accurate enough It's not fun to fight bad geared players thats why we wish they got better gear
  10. I wasn't really sure about posting on forum, I hope it's a good idea... So I will try to make it short, I'm gonna host 2v2 tourneys every sunday (hopefully), prizes won't be very big sadly, but it's mostly a for fun tourney since it will also be 2v2 with random teams. So you will join alone and you will get a RNG partner to play with until the end, EU started doing it a couple of weeks ago and it looks p clean so I decided to do it here as well. These are the prizes for now: 1st place: 100m (50m per player) 2nd place: 50m (25m per player) 3rd place: 30m (15m per player) This will be all funded by me I might make other kind of tourneys in future, but for the first weeks I think I will keep it 2v2 random teams and see if people enjoy it. To sign up you need to join the discord where you can also find all the other info and rules more in detail Remember that you need to post a screenshot of your in-game character in order to get access to the server :P I will leave the general rules in the thread to give a general idea: The tournament will be also streamed by me and commentated by @Ray (idk his forum account) This is NOT an official tournament, for the vanilla whiteknights we can just call this a "community event". Donations to increase the prize pool are very nice but not required Tournament date and time: it will be at 7 PM CEST, this sunday 19/05/2019 Either way, if we manage to do it this sunday and you can't join, you can just sign up for the next sunday since its a weekly.
  11. Team name: I legit wanna die IGN: Asunachu Class: FL IGN: Rayformed Class: MPx
  12. we have a 2nd page for pve now btw
  13. Uhm, your numbers are kinda exaggerated but if there is a place where as soon as you do 1 mistake you lose, thats sparring not arena We had many tournaments last year and none of them went above 20-30 people I think? Hell most of the weeklies had less than 20 people too and it was always the same people If you reward people for playing the game, you give a reason to play the game which is getting rewarded for doing it The point is that the situation where they are allowed to make multiple mistakes while you only 1 can be fixed in arena, in spar it can't. There are classes that wont allow you to do mistakes in spar But in arena if there is a player that doesn't allow you to do mistakes, you can change it (and its much less likely to happen than spar) From what way you write I feel like you don't really know how it feels like to play against a decent player on a very good class You definitely won't see much hard work, rather you will see much class balance lol Void can't offer real money as tourney prize and no one is willing to fund a tourney with a good amount of money so we have to play for what the server can offer: EC rewards
  14. no, classes scale differently with the stat increase along with everything else making them work differently a specific amount of damage increase can change a class setups drastically Yea, this is true, it's not even easy to get a +11 that's for sure But I think it's still a better enviroment than spar If we use your example, it would be like if both runners got gifted different a different body they didn't work for and one of them can't surpass the other in any way, not even by working hard because the world simply doesn't allow that option This scenario is very real in many matchups, at high level of play at least, I'm sure you know it very well the only relevant pvp is arena, spar pvp isn't relevant for the game, it could be dead and the game wouldnt really feel it i get what you mean, but what you want doesn't exist anymore... i think an official event should try to get the most player into playing the game in general, which is the most healty thing for the server we had many spar tourneys in the past, people don't go very crazy for them Sera . . and back then it was even kinda decent, can expect even less hype than before