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  1. The NI EW team should gear up more Sorry I only make fake tourneys you can make a real one if you want
  2. Get +10 then try out PvP then Everyone, the tourney will start today at 7 pm servertime, you have a few hours left to signup if you want to
  3. CP and DP are different based on the class and some stats that aren't necessary making you stronger so it's not accurate enough It's not fun to fight bad geared players thats why we wish they got better gear
  4. I wasn't really sure about posting on forum, I hope it's a good idea... So I will try to make it short, I'm gonna host 2v2 tourneys every sunday (hopefully), prizes won't be very big sadly, but it's mostly a for fun tourney since it will also be 2v2 with random teams. So you will join alone and you will get a RNG partner to play with until the end, EU started doing it a couple of weeks ago and it looks p clean so I decided to do it here as well. These are the prizes for now: 1st place: 100m (50m per player) 2nd place: 50m (25m per player) 3rd place: 30m (15m per player) This will be all funded by me I might make other kind of tourneys in future, but for the first weeks I think I will keep it 2v2 random teams and see if people enjoy it. To sign up you need to join the discord where you can also find all the other info and rules more in detail Remember that you need to post a screenshot of your in-game character in order to get access to the server :P I will leave the general rules in the thread to give a general idea: The tournament will be also streamed by me and commentated by @Ray (idk his forum account) This is NOT an official tournament, for the vanilla whiteknights we can just call this a "community event". Donations to increase the prize pool are very nice but not required Tournament date and time: it will be at 7 PM CEST, this sunday 19/05/2019 Either way, if we manage to do it this sunday and you can't join, you can just sign up for the next sunday since its a weekly.
  5. Team name: I legit wanna die IGN: Asunachu Class: FL IGN: Rayformed Class: MPx
  6. we have a 2nd page for pve now btw
  7. Uhm, your numbers are kinda exaggerated but if there is a place where as soon as you do 1 mistake you lose, thats sparring not arena We had many tournaments last year and none of them went above 20-30 people I think? Hell most of the weeklies had less than 20 people too and it was always the same people If you reward people for playing the game, you give a reason to play the game which is getting rewarded for doing it The point is that the situation where they are allowed to make multiple mistakes while you only 1 can be fixed in arena, in spar it can't. There are classes that wont allow you to do mistakes in spar But in arena if there is a player that doesn't allow you to do mistakes, you can change it (and its much less likely to happen than spar) From what way you write I feel like you don't really know how it feels like to play against a decent player on a very good class You definitely won't see much hard work, rather you will see much class balance lol Void can't offer real money as tourney prize and no one is willing to fund a tourney with a good amount of money so we have to play for what the server can offer: EC rewards
  8. no, classes scale differently with the stat increase along with everything else making them work differently a specific amount of damage increase can change a class setups drastically Yea, this is true, it's not even easy to get a +11 that's for sure But I think it's still a better enviroment than spar If we use your example, it would be like if both runners got gifted different a different body they didn't work for and one of them can't surpass the other in any way, not even by working hard because the world simply doesn't allow that option This scenario is very real in many matchups, at high level of play at least, I'm sure you know it very well the only relevant pvp is arena, spar pvp isn't relevant for the game, it could be dead and the game wouldnt really feel it i get what you mean, but what you want doesn't exist anymore... i think an official event should try to get the most player into playing the game in general, which is the most healty thing for the server we had many spar tourneys in the past, people don't go very crazy for them Sera . . and back then it was even kinda decent, now....you can expect even less hype than before
  9. I dont really have an opinion about 1v1, I think the way kog changed the game and by seeing what everyone does nowadays, I can only see 2v2 as main game mode I wouldn't really like an official 1v1 tourney, I think its good only to practice/try out stuff.... so I talk only for 2v2 EDIT= I think you could go for anything in 1v1, I don't really take it seriously PERSONALLY, so you should hear other peoples opinion about that but for 2v2 im definitely for arena rules
  10. i play 1v1 sometimes to practice some stuff but i thought we were talking about 2v2 since the tourney is in fact 2v2...
  11. when were we talking about 1v1 but sure I can DM you some vids and streams of how 2s arena looks like
  12. I won't quote every single sentence and answer again because I'm not here to change your mind, since you won't change idea I honestly don't like having to discuss about these stuff only with players who don't play the game actively, I'd rather discuss it with people that still play and they are actually active in game I can understand some play every now and then, but I would rather talk with active in game people. I understand your point of view Sera, I can't change it simply because you can't understand my point of view...and that's because you aren't active in game and you don't have the same experience as me and others imo I know, you can easily understand everything by logic, there is no need to try etc. but yea I can't change your point of view I wrote until now for other people in first place, to let them read my opinion and maybe convince some people to change mind or try give it a chance I don't think sparring is as good as the past anymore, I think it's boring, unbalanced and a waste of time. It won't show anything nice...it's fine to play with friends for fun but that's about it this is my final thought
  13. It is accessible to anyone willing to invest TIME in the game Which is limited and makes the game more unbalanced You can't allow attributes without ERP because ERP gives elemental resistances needed to allow people to have high resistances to everything If you allow attributes and no ERP, we will just have to keep changing resistances every game unless some privileged classes have global res enough You grind enough to get your gear ready, then its about your own skills, yea there will be a bit of outcome depending on the gear (but saged spar gear vs not saged makes a difference too) However, I think that's better than playing in a boring and unbalanced enviroment lol I also doubt u would allow lightning chain in spar settings or any elite/unique force Its not just the weapon, weapon mixed to elrianode titles and accessories makes a more balanced enviroment if we are talking about how classes fight other classes Thats something that isnt up to us players, but since this game is a mmorpg I doubt they will give gear for free to pvp players no you arent, he just means that both gear and classes balance are unfair and spar gear wont make the game more fair will finish writing l8r
  14. You add another "unfair" element that improves the balance making classes more fair to deal, so it makes it better if we see it from that point of view The only problem that comes out is gear difference, it exists and its a problem I dont deny it, but it's accessible to everyone (especially on void) who wants to invest some time in the game. Sure there will always be gear difference between some people, but I believe the game becomes more fair when you reach the point where people have pretty close gear and stats. Another positive thing, that you won't agree with, is that we are allowing more options with arena rules. Force skills, ERP and attributes are all stuff that we ban in spar settings (and im not saying its wrong in this case), but in arena they create a mix of options that bring alot of variety in the game making it more dynamic and less one sided, more enjoyable to play and watch. More options also allow a higher skillcap. I know it took you very few months (or time in general, idk) to learn the game enough to be be respected in the old competitive enviroment, so you know how easy it is to reach a good enough level in spar settings. That's also for the lack of options you have making the game depending on very few stuff. I'm not saying the game becomes crazy difficult in arena, but it still opens more stuff, more to think about and faster action. You might tell me that these stuff are broken, dumb and don't increase skilcap but I don't agree with it because I see spar settings enviroment more stupid -> I repeat it again: when both players reach the point of having similar gear and stuff In my opinion the only problem is, how many people complained about, the need of investing time (or money if unlucky/lazy)...well, yea I can tell you it's easy compared to official servers but I understand that it's still hard for an only pvp player, especially people who only play in spar. Like, I'm one of them too or well I was, I know how it feels like and I know it's hard but it's worth it if you like pvp. So at the end I prefer arena settings because of the reasons I said above and because I think the gear wall is something that is worth dealing with and spending some time for to play, in my opinion, a better kind of pvp. The easiest way is to keep spar settings but it will always be seen with a "meh" and well you know how spar is very well, I don't need to explain you Also please, to everyone: avoid talking about the poll as if it was accurate since many ppl liking arena voted spar only to avoid vanilla because alot of ppl not playing/maybe not even watching or knowing anything about pvp voted vanilla
  15. Id like to ask you if you have a clear idea of how both spar and arena at high level work since, as you said, you don't care much about pvp It's very hard to discuss about these kind of stuff with people that dont have a clear idea of how stuff work I get you speak by logic but real experience may or may not drastically change your opinion