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  1. You have to see something while we wait.
  2. People are going crazy because this update is longer than expected, we will have to download the game again xD, but I'm happy that they already put the things that were missing.
  3. I wonder if they would do some VS event, like when they did the Police against criminals.
  4. Well, at least already updated to the latest updates of elsword, let's wait for some event for the anniversary of the game.
  5. the worst is for people who do not have a good internet, we have to be 32 hours lowering the patch.
  6. as they would say in my country
  7. They deviate from the subject and ruined it
  8. I am happy to have had my 75kk to create a 9+ amulet
  9. My opinion is that they may re-place the ED tickets, but they would have to take measures so that it does not happen again what happened, without taking into account that certainly many people were complaining too much for the loss of ed, being sincere Even on the table are the people who put useless objects to 700 million, to see that there are still people who want to happen again the same . And so at the moment you see people who have expensive objects in the game.
  10. Welcome to Voidels, several people from different countries come together to play
  11. I do not know about you but I hope the server will open soon, because it will always do the last dungeon of elysion because it gives 1 million in ed per route, so I do not see anything wrong, if you missed many coupons in ED but it is not Guilty of us or those who handle the server, we all know who was to blame so it is not worth feeling so bad, luckily we did not throw the server or caused that there were flaws that had before with the Void server. So save money again and with encouragement guys :D!! . :
  12. Could someone upload the files that need to update the game? So they could be downloaded separately, it would make easier for us to update the theme for most of those who do not download them fast