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  1. Corina

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    So the corrupted dimension master acces cannot be hangered WTF ? i would have liked to know that before updating my 3 access....
  2. Corina

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    For real tho thank you guys im so happy especially about the balance patch i really needed these Rena changes/buffs :^)
  3. Corina

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    2.6 When ? :V
  4. Corina

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    These 2 please i've been waiting for ages # Green Butterfly Wings # Green Fairy Wings
  5. Corina

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    It be cool if ArP could be back someday
  6. Corina

    Opinions on the Event

    Good : - +10 ammy good to get after the adjustments Bad : - Lack of costumes - the drop rate was really shitty 0~4 shards even with medal of greed and void buff
  7. Corina

    Worst bravery skill.

    Wait for real ?
  8. Maybe it was just a bad choices of words and you didnt meant it that way, then if that's so im sorry too for jumping at you like that
  9. Ok you're trolling LMAO If you had said things like that i would never have been mad, you basically said ppl who are complaining are lazy MF
  10. What ? excuse me are you actually stupid or you're just pretending ? i was getting mad at you bcs YOU YOURSELF have the time to do it so you think everyboy does i was basically telling you that you have to think about others im not only thinking about me its me and many others but ofc now you're saying that "this was directed at people who were complaining yet are able to play the game, just choose not to, so calm down" ok sure
  11. FOR YOU bcs you have these 7 days i dont and some ppl dont, that was my point and you apparently missed it so ofc i get "pissy" when you say shit like
  12. So it would take you 7 days to get 1K shards on a 22 days event on christmas/new year period and you think its good? LMAO ok or 3) not all of us are unemployed or on a break and cant spend 7 days farming shards maybe you should think about others its not bcs its fine for you that it is