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  1. Squishy

    What am I supposed to do against Dominators?

    I have the same problem, idk how to beat his 100 T.MP Skill with the big succ. it has a freezing frames aka free catch then you manabreak but it sucks you back the rape continues.
  2. Squishy

    The username has already been taken

    I would only support this on banned account, not on accounts that havent been banned yet. Imagine you spent $$$ into the game,but left it for like 3 years cause of life,and come back and then suddenly your character is gone, which would be total bullshit. +1 for banned ones, -1 for normal ones
  4. Squishy

    Who do you think is the best story line?

    Best Storyline? Without thinking I can already tell you it's Add. That manga + whats already ingame goes really deep.
  5. Squishy

    [Discussion] Gear when raids come

    Then again KoG is nerfing the Raids in KR already, which comes to Void in time. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  6. Squishy

    Your opinions on transparency

    I REALLY do not see the POINT of limited sales. Wouldn't it give you overall more revenue to KEEP the items like forever in the Mall. I mean you sure get alot more money when for example: 1k ppl buy it during limited sale (2-4weeks time~) but in a year 10-50k could buy it. it is a peak in money, but overall seen over the year,it shouldn't pay off at all; ESPECIALLY when after the limited sale;those items are sold for 500m+ on board; and I do not see how OP priced limited items on board are beneficial for void in terms of their $$$ Other Points: Everyone would surely love to have more transparency of the Staff/more Communication, but it's all wishful thinking. They have lifes / other shit to do; I assume they don't have time in between to make bonds with the community in any way. That's my T spillt on my side. Can't wait for responses of others and how they see it.
  7. Squishy

    Oh Honey

    Welcome fellow Gay Queen. Enjoy ur Stay in Void
  8. Squishy

    UNFAIR pvp advantage

    Uhm, you know Games CAN just make black borders arround games if the resolutions are a problem. IN case KoG tries to "fix it"; i can only assume they somehow enforce those black borders arround the game,limiting the visual range people can see.
  9. Squishy

    《 Happy ED Wipe Anniversary 》

    I will miss my 10b that I made on my own by selling/reselling things on the market. Rip 2 years of work. ;(
  10. Squishy

    She's back, back, back again!~

    i hope you can integrate back in Void uwu
  11. Squishy

    She's back, back, back again!~

    Weba sis.
  12. Squishy

    [8/3/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    Tbh. I like this kind of event. THE ONLY COMPLAINT I have on why the drops aren't 100% for atleast 1. It really is depressing running 10 runs of lab and getting like 3 sugars, i swear. I wouldnt complain if it wasnt for the inconsistency aswell as the prices of the event.
  13. Squishy

    Most impractical Character Design?

    Oz Sorcerer. Why? She has like 1 tons of clothing with her, alot of zippers that have no purpose and she again is ruled by some shota bat,lmao.
  14. When I am S Rank and being matched against SSS is annoying. but then I do actually beat them, it's really sad how salty and triggered they become that an S Anemos has slain them in PvP being a OP Class and having a +11 doesn't safe you from not knowing how to combo or not knowing other Characters mechanics (like LOW KICK) ~~ with that said, have a fun day of pvp for the one who's reading this.
  15. I mean,since there are better titles nowdays, I don't see why we shouldn't do this. most title grinders moved onto Solace/etc anyway; so a +1 from me