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  1. Since my PC can't handle Raid at all in terms of FPS, I would love to be able to buy the Raid accs, since it doesnt include a 1 Picture every 5 Seconds with with whitescreen flashes performance in raid.
  2. IGN: Nakurai Ciel asForm of Mutated Demonic Energy (Lanox SD Boss) Screenshot Description After defeating the monstrosity in the Grand Cavern, Ciel absorbed the demons power in order to become stronger though this backfired, with the entity taking over Ciel, turning him into a living puppet for the army of the Demon God. Reference Items Used
  3. yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I need my Elesis/Rena and Ciel to be smexy aka I need those suits >///<
  4. omg omg omg omg omg omg its alive  O H M A H G O D 

    1. Horsey


      hello i just got up from grave

  5. On Void my first EVER character was Ara, as Little Devil. Back then Void was just a rumour and that you'd get banned in Elsword DE (Germany) for playing on it etc, so it really was like a "sneek 100" like feeling when I tried Void and did PvP as a Lv.20 LD, funny thing was I've beaten like 7 out of 10 people haha; left for Germany since my Mains were there (RF/WS) Eventually I got banned in Germany cause someone hacked me; which led me to Void and I created my first Character that Id eventually main - a DC. Was quite nice, found a guild - many friends and the comunity was nice aswell as costumes being affordable. After DC i made VP/WS and kept playing those 3 until 2016, my WS to this day still my main haha I don't regret having chosen to come and stay in void, even with it's ups and downs.
  6. IGN: KickYaFace Team Ignia
  7. The 800% exp buff (and all the others) is only for a certain duration, not endless.
  8. Overall: adjust Mod Skills Damage (if lower than original) in terms of damage up to the original. Rena: > add NW Combo " >> >^zz" to Base Rena Raven: > nerf RH in terms of survivability, decrease his burst by a bit and adjust his Combo hitboxes
  9. Could you add more Naeun Jewel Exchanges? I find it horrible how little stuff you can get for the jewels, especially since each came with a 3.5m Cube that usually has a shitty costume in it. I agree with the reducing of the costs (especially sage stone..) and adding more Options. For all the other Stuff: Y E S, the cards need to be used more than for Attribute n some Promo Costumes
  10. seLLiNg mY accOunt 1k$ xd tOTALLY lEGIT! BRUH! .-_.- Not so serious anymore now,huh. OT: From reading all the points and the community made, so far it seems that there's a serious transparency issue in Void regarding the rules , because there are several rules listed but with one of them being: " oh we basically can interpret the rules how we want and bend them so far that we can do basically anything we cant if we feel or assume like it" Didn't they say in a previous Statement like a year ago they wanted to be MORE TRANSPARENT - meanwhile I see a decline of that and rather that they keep more things behind the scene rather than showing us how,when and why they do certain things. Which in all honesty is bs in the first place, but then the Staff claiming things while not providing any insightful point. Sure, context matters but OVERALL, being banned by assumptions and not actual evidence shouldnt be welcome here.
  12. It is a bug/technical difficulty, it was mentioned when Khaos was released that the Recolor Artist did not provide the open wing textures, which lead to void releasing KH Wings without the open effect. (and putting in AD textures would kill AD wing prices) source:
  13. I wouldnt mind the ED burner rotation, if it wasnt for the fact that KH Wings are bugged. i know its just a detail thing, but rlly the wings NOT opening upon awakening rlly puts me off on buying Khaos
  14. Mixsys has quite a long animation and small range, but insane damage. With the Useful trait, the skill can deal up to 19,699.68% (5,733% in PvP) Physical Damage. So its a nice bossing tool,especially henir or add dungeon, add that you get 2xusage of the skill with ur laby passive.