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  1. Hey you! Yes you! Your forums posts legit make my day your so funny I love it. Also add me back on discord Cx

    1. Nattie


      I did, like four hours ago

  2. *pokes*

    1. idol
    2. KreCenT


      not much its been a while huh? HOW ABOUT THEM NEW KDA SKINS HNNNNN

  3. KreCenT

    But why...?

    but theyre drops from SDs and elrianode dungeons??? and its usually not just one. rng is a bitch
  4. KreCenT

    looking for a guild ^^

    hey my dude come hit up [ThighHighs] though its a bit small, its got everything youre looking for! my discord is KreCenT#5375, go ahead and hit me up!
  5. KreCenT

    Looking for a guild

    Feel free to join [ThighHighs]! :^) we are a pretty active hybrid guild and we always have tons of fun and help each other out! im online rn go ahead and msg KreCenT <3
  6. Thank you very much! But hey it's worth a small try Cx
  7. Grand Opening Bump!!!!
  8. Hello and welcome to the ThighHighs guild thread! We are a new hybrid Lv. 12 guild (with a greater focus on 1v1 pvp rather than 3v3) looking to build a mature community with a fun and friendly atmosphere! We don't have too many rules here, but the ones we do have in place are only to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has a good time! 1. Absolutely zero tolerance of scamming. Scamming any user will result in a permanent ban from our guild. 2. Treat everyone with some degree of respect. Bullying, harassment, or just overall being harmful to members of our community will not be tolerated. 3. NSFW belongs in the respective channels (Discord). Not everyone wants to see that, unfortunately. 4. Don't beg for items. Fortunately, not everyone wants to see that. 5. GM/Moderator word is final. Please don't argue. If we're telling you to not do something that isn't on this list, it's for good reason. STAFF! KreCenT, or Nate, is a sweet, hardworking guy who likes to crunch numbers like a big ol' nerd. He's super knowledgable about the game and its mechanics, and is the perfect person to go to for any questions. He's always willing to help someone in need, and gets really excited when he can start talking about Bloody Queen's bossing in particular. Fresh is a super chill and down to earth guy that can make anyone feel welcomed. His charisma knows no bounds as he gallantly comes to the aid of his friends and those around him. He enjoys fighting games and frequently attends local tournaments (and he's pretty damn good too). IGN: Age: Gender: About yourself: We hope to see you all soon!