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  1. CHU HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! ill be online for a bit n ill try to catch ya here soon. otherwise i just added you on discord so hopefully we can get you in asap!
  2. hello! chu have both been absolutely accpeted! i shall be online for the next 40 minutes so hopefully i can getcha in time Cx
  3. Ok but my question is, are all of the other bq passives and changes fixed from last patch aside from blood mastery? There are kinda 4 other things that either aren't currently working as intended or we just didn't get. I hope to see them all fixed in game
  4. KreCenT

    LGBT guilds?

    You can always feel free to join [AbsoluteDipshits]! We aren't strictly LGBT but we are a close family guild who are accepting of all!☆-absolutedipshits-☆-were-silly-smug-and-probz-ded-inside-lv13-pvesocial-☆/
  5. wtf yall posted at the same time didnt even notice LOL tyvm! Biscu, if youre online rn id love to invite you!
  6. just sending a message should be fine! i believe most of our admins are following this page so we will get to you somehow!
  7. you sure found the right place! im online now if youd like an invite! <3
  8. Hey hey, we'd love to have ya! can you be online in about 3 hours? I think that's the soonest that anyone will be available LOL
  9. Hey you! Yes you! Your forums posts legit make my day your so funny I love it. Also add me back on discord Cx

    1. Nattie


      I did, like four hours ago

  10. *pokes*

    1. Poison
    2. KreCenT


      not much its been a while huh? HOW ABOUT THEM NEW KDA SKINS HNNNNN

  11. but theyre drops from SDs and elrianode dungeons??? and its usually not just one. rng is a bitch
  12. hey my dude come hit up [ThighHighs] though its a bit small, its got everything youre looking for! my discord is KreCenT#5375, go ahead and hit me up!
  13. Feel free to join [ThighHighs]! :^) we are a pretty active hybrid guild and we always have tons of fun and help each other out! im online rn go ahead and msg KreCenT <3