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  1. everyone be expecting ibs that we wont get till 2.7 not a big fan of the ib rotation but i do love the new IMs uwu <3
  2. yue-chan is smart and i fully support this uwu tiring to keep opening them anyway xD
  3. i love this event and yay Grace Fairy ❤ thank you~! ^_^
  4. i expect nothing like always so i dont end up disappointed uwu
  5. yay for ST and that cute pet too ❤
  6. yay for nisha yay for wedding revamp yay for kitty land yay for henir revamp thank you for your hard work! ❤ now its summer event waiting time xD
  7. they said it before that if they dont answer suggestion threads they are either thinking about it, its on pending, or havent looked into it yet, its better to just be patient and they arent active in spam thread all the time, they post 2.6 spoilers there, showing what theyre currently working on so it means they are busy atm and probably havent looked into this thread yet the way you talk just sounds like youre expressing saltiness coz you dont like the way void is being ran, i dont like it a bit either sometimes but i just try to understand that its hard run a private server with little staff and it takes time to implement stuff also im sorry if my sentences dont make sense its 1am here and i lack sleep OT: im okay with ongoing events but some people still get bored if an event goes for too long, and its nice to gave breaks sometimes, so im neutral on this
  8. im not even trying to argue tho? youre just salting on this thread dont quote me again if youre just gonna write paragraphs of salt and being on defense mode of what you believe in
  9. they are working on 2.6 atm lurk in spam thread and you would know
  10. "dont see Ran or Lilu anywhere on the forum" try visiting spam thread, they actually talk to people there
  11. thank you for the perm Gurumi~!
  12. coz they dont have it yet oh thats definitely a must have for me ❤