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  1. coz they dont have it yet oh thats definitely a must have for me ❤
  2. so happy for combat class and the bunny pet to come back uwu
  3. bless your bringing back street star v1 now lf> lovely winter, and combat class ver2 laby has them too uwu
  4. i still play her, and still my most fave aisha too uwu OT: for me CS, Shakti, AeS, IN, EW, MP, BL are most popular classes, i see them everywhere xD
  5. burn CM plz i like that IB and i love space stuff x3
  6. yay for CM and more Laby costumes~ <3
  7. that was unexpected, thankk yoouuu for all your hard work <3 imma go broke funding my Labys uwu cat paradise guild skin when tho qwq
  8. RaS tried her on NA and im loving her a lot its true she lacks a bit of bossing but i can still learn and manage..and overgear xD
  9. i hope it will be released along with Laby tbh since she also has it
  10. Fin

    I don't mean to rush you or anything, but just letting you know I am still waiting on information regarding whether my bid of 120m+hangers for your 4/5 blue RM Eve has been approved or not. It has been a week with no response. If you want me to raise the price or anything just please tell me oke?

  11. the drop rates seems the same to me not that im complaining tho its fine as it is uwu since its not 999shards for a +10 anymore im okay with this
  12. i want a +10 for my aisha so yep, i'll craft it