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  1. Waste 1b for nothing wiii ~ ... -cries-
  2. Omg I swear we need a summer event And I need a +10 amulet... oh and cute stuff :D
  3. And again C: they don't realize that CEM is broken. Last time she wined me and didn't say anything and now...
  4. Phew... I was a little bit nervous because it surprise me as well xD Oh good :'D Well, thanks for the information. Im more relaxed now
  5. First, sorry for my bad english. Well, i was playing pvp and i founded an Aisha. She runned all the game and later throw hyper, but i use a skill before- y summoned nasod sout-, so the hyper didn't affect me. I laughed. And later she said that I'm going to get ban because she record it and i was like: ._. wut? I can really get ban for this?:T