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  1. IGN: ChevelureNickname: Rangi/Lure (??)Gender: lessTime Zone: GMT -5:00 (EST) please give my Aisha shelter I beg of you
  2. Oh yes. ❤ Oh and maybe instead of the water fairy costume, El'lywood sets... I don't know just a suggestion ' 3'~ I'm pretty sure we didn't have this in Void...yet
  3. Include the trouble maker sit as well :^)...
  4. Sure, what's your IGN?/We have an ad on board if you'd like to apply from there ^^
  5. “ If you got【Questions】we're here to answer 'em! ” 【Questions】 Level 6 | Hybrid Guild We are a small bunch who love to hang out together, chill, help each other out, share, and have fun! Also love to hop onto spar and play around~ We are small bunch (but steadily growing!) who love hanging out together, chill, help each other out, share between ourselves, and have fun in general! We're looking for more active friends to join us and the fun that awaits us! If you're interested, click here to apply now! We don't really stick to our rul- Cough. Our Guild's rules involve the following: Official Rules - Official rules of void. Be Active - We welcome everyone with warm hugs! I'm sure all of us love a fun and talkative place to be in! Guild Bank - Please refrain from putting items that might not be useful to others. Also! Please don't take items with you and run away. Behavior - Obviously, be who you are. But drama will not be tolerated at all, so try to be friendly- Inactivity - Being inactive for 9 days = to a kick. (unless you notify the GM/Admins / can be added back later.) Guild Master The master of the guild. Administrators The Guild Master's helpers as well as those who recruit. Picked especially by the Guild Master through admin applications. Officers The active members of the guild. Those who are willing to help others and do not lack cooperation are given this role. Veterans Upon joining the guild, you will be given this role. Initiate Initial rank. Also used as a punishment to those who break the Guild Bank rules. Guild Master Mckie Administrators PedoMuffin MemeProdigy CMT Working on bios. [Bearful] (This is just a general overview, more details will be added later on.) Edited on 7/26/2017 at 11:06 am To join, please apply through our website (also under work) [here]