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  1. i think they already said somewhere that they wont add ed shop, not entirely sure tho
  2. that pretty much defeats the purpose of the lock feature in the first place staff already said they will in no way remove a lock, so if its on once it will stay for the time you set doubt this suggestion gonna be accepted
  3. i feel like they should definitely allow people to change the pin, especially since its not stated in the rules that buying an account prevents you from accessing account support. doesnt matter if its your account or not, they shouldnt not let you use account support just because you didnt originally make the acc. thats bs
  4. beo more like neo

  5. you know u can just go into a 2+ people party to keep the buff right anyway have fun with whatever you doin next :pray:
  6. fastest one for me was 1:02 i could prolly get under 1min if i got everything perfectly but i stopped tryin months ago
  7. if youre carrying 2+ people you'll have an increased droplate + if they are a TH and you are too you'll get more drops from that as well also depending on your gear and where youre carrying, if you arent super op already, some classes could help by buffing you and shit unless the other person is lagging or just dragging behind alot theres literally no reason not to just take them with you for a few runs or that one run that you found them in soloq atleast unless youre an absolute dick at that point just start the dungeon alone entirely
  8. accepted! welcome welcome~ make sure to join our discord for easier communication since this is where we're most active and all our events take place. you online right now to grab an invite ingame?
  9. probably not since u got a free job change when we got laby