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  1. Sorry for the delay! Make sure to join the discord as well, theres a link in the thread and in my siggy as well
  2. BillNye

    LF> Casual Guild

    i think i got pretty much all of your requirements covered in Luminary I'd say we're pretty laid back, we have active vc's everyday and we have a much bigger focus on the discord and on the social aspects than in the ingame pve activity department. youre not required to do GE, you'll only get kicked ingame if you've been inactive for 8 days. you also dont need to be some +11 200 billion cp guy to raid with us. we've been doing some more raid recently, introducing some lesser geared people to it and helping them clear. I'll link you the thread here rq: you can join the discord as a guest as well if you just wanna pop in and check it out.
  3. BillNye


    holy shit bruh you people jumped on this shit LMAOO
  4. Lu/ciel is the cheapest char, ciel being a bit cheaper then Lu. After that its prolly Elsword. pretty much every char and class is decent, some being better than others at certain things. The classes you listed are all still pretty good tho, so nothing to worry about. Henir is pretty outdated by now. Void apocalypse is still the best weapon, after the new raid weapon of course, but that one is incredibly rare so no need to think about that for now. For the Top-shoes, Elrianode equipment is definitely the best. Its like customizeable Heroic gear, theres some guides and explanations for it in Forums somewhere if you look.
  5. BillNye

    LF an active guild.

    Feel free to join us over at Luminary~ We're pretty active and theres definitely people that will help you catch back up and explain all the new things to you. You can join the Discord as a guest if youre unsure about joining, imma link the guild thread here real quick so you can check that out if youre interested.
  6. As others said before, people could just do one cheap legit trade, and then use their name on the trusted list to scam people. What would probably work much better is a known scammer list, but those would have to be held outside of forums since it would count as defaming.
  7. i think people asked this alr when the tickets got removed and staff said it wasnt possible, not entirely sure tho would be really nice but prolly not possible sadly
  8. i think they already said somewhere that they wont add ed shop, not entirely sure tho
  9. that pretty much defeats the purpose of the lock feature in the first place staff already said they will in no way remove a lock, so if its on once it will stay for the time you set doubt this suggestion gonna be accepted
  10. i feel like they should definitely allow people to change the pin, especially since its not stated in the rules that buying an account prevents you from accessing account support. doesnt matter if its your account or not, they shouldnt not let you use account support just because you didnt originally make the acc. thats bs
  11. beo more like neo

  12. you know u can just go into a 2+ people party to keep the buff right anyway have fun with whatever you doin next :pray: