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  1. Same. If not next rotation Ima just blow all my ed on something else lol
  2. Zane

    [10/12/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Rip to all the people with stuff on board. Like me
  3. Zane

    V2.4 Bloopers

    And your opinion is Wrong. Jk jk but if bug bloopers on a near dead private server side scrolling mmo cause panic and scare in someone, I think natural selection should take its course.
  4. Zane

    [9/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Time to wait another 4 ?
  5. Zane

    [9/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    So... are they gonna add anything useful eventually or.... still waiting on them rng Force skills and the raid never to come
  6. Zane

    Your opinions on transparency 2.0

    This is one of the greatest threads and posts I’ve seen in the history I’ve played Void. Everyone’s thoughts, opinions, suggestions, and even mod interactions. I know change takes time but... I feel like void staff is like bungie and Destiny. Telling everyone they’ll improve, hyping everyone up, looking promising for like a week. But then, everything becomes the exact same and later down the line a thread like this is made and the same happens again. I have no faith in the staff but I genuinely hope even tho I’m insignificant to y’all, that you can change that. Um about transparency, I don’t really know much about the staff, and my only complaint is the secrecy. And secrecy in terms of updates. I’m a budding game devoloper myself(I’ll be at GDEX Con btw heh) and I pay attention to others and it bothers me on how little information the staff gives. I know you aren’t supposed to go out of your way explaining code and everything but at least a little information other than 4 months worth of No ETA. I follow the maker of soda dungeon and he’s working on a new game and every month or couple weeks or so he gives people a YouTube video about the process, what’s taking so long, what’s the next step. I believe if there’s something like that maybe In forums or on the main page, the community would be much less toxic towards updates and the mods in general. Thats about all. Good luck staff. I hope you try to interact with players more and overall make the community a better place.
  7. Zane

    《 Happy ED Wipe Anniversary 》

    I finally knew what it felt like to watch your money burn and I hated it.
  8. Zane

    [8/3/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    So only the gms are able to get multiple items? cause as far as my eye can see eeeeeveryone else’s luck has been shit
  9. Zane

    [8/3/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    Nothing has dropped in my 31 runs. I sleep. drop rate randomness is not worth the grind. Farewell my sweet velder uniform
  10. Pessimistic but I don’t believe they’re gonna release anything for like another couple months cause of 2.3. Skip events, skip drabaki, etc etc. I have no faith in voids uh.... “content”
  11. I’m ready to kill people’s wallets with op things. I was also expecting to craft crown lol. Oof
  12. Mariposa? Don’t you mean Stability Maintenance!? But in all seriousness, void has pumped out content consistently the past 3 weeks and I’m sure they feel entitled to take a break. So it’ll probably be next week. Edit:: Holy shit speak of the devil
  13. Shit. Always has been and always will be
  14. CS, and mariposa. I guess it’s finally time to burn on this game.