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  1. nice update but when are we going to get an actual Naeun revamp?
  2. Kind of a dumb question but, does the server wide buff include other characters in my account? for example, I opened the box at my main but I want the buff to apply also to my other chars. Edit: so it is server wide including other chars. and we have to vote for the most that benefits us and wait until the voting is over. I thought it will be effective instantly lmao
  3. ahh got a little confused, I thought it was the Henir revamp there
  4. sadly, no... just wait for 2.6 bruh
  5. IGN: HendanClass: NIMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild: NoneGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): +9 Elrianode +10 Void weapTimezone: GMT+8Name/Nickname (optional): Andrei About you (optional): - I love NinoWhy did you decide to join this Guild?: I need someone to carry me in raids
  6. a little question, will we get the Passionate Peace Lover title like we had on Race! Go! ? (not really like the case of Race! Go! but something else)
  7. I just got out of hospital and now this?????? thanks VOID!!!!!!
  8. fck this passive tbh and bring my homie back plz
  9. 1.SS ranked players who don't give other players the chance to reach higher rank in Drabaki and killing it too fast. 2. RNG
  10. y'already know what's the worst bravery is... *sees triggered Devi mains*
  11. not that only one, there are dungeons (Or rather we call it a Raid Dungeon) that goes like 250K above like you can't even scratch the boss there without a +10 or +11
  12. +10/11 Enhancements are currently in need for the meta right now for the endgame dg's.
  13. >Black Mesa >looks at my current ED amount >400M >Stares at my kidney hello my kidneys ($_$)