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  1. Are you still selling Elesis's Selfie Pose?

  2. Bump to get more notice, votes, and opinions!
  3. That's a good idea. I was hoping it would definitely be untradable. But also would actually cost some value- like it costing maybe 100 or more to craft it or it cost just as much as a mount in the Item Mall.
  4. Actually. Since it is bankshareable, the El Rewards. It would only take... 2 E.R per day. There is about 10 alts in one account. That's an automatic 20 E.R a day. 300/20 is 15. That's two weeks on farming, and not skipping a day. That's not also mentioning that on the fifth day on each alt, you get an additional 3 E.R. That's 30 E.R on the fifth day + 100 E.R of accumulated E.R. That's 130 E.R in under a week. Then comes the other two days. That's 170 E.R a week. And don't forget to throw collected Fragments into Elysion tree for extra potential E.R. So in two weeks, or even under, you can get GOSCS. Please check my math at your own interest. I could be wrong I just wrote an essay for school.
  5. Sorry I don't know if I'm supposed to bump.
  6. As much as I love my idea, I have to admit your argument is quite solid and logical. It really is sort of 'favoritism' to have a MW version of one things over others while on the same basis. But hey, what the heck, maybe it happens. Maybe it doesn't.