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  1. Basically, this ^ Seriously, I dont understand why people would pay + 1kkk for Laby items (i really hope nobody buy that, how insane...). It was annoying when i had to pay Eve items, but now is nosense.
  2. Since the void cube revamp, this set expired. It would be good if we could craft it with Naeun or at least have it in the IM like the Elrios Noir
  3. I don't undestand why this server still uses per character and ice sculptures... The balance of prizes between characters is just hilarious
  4. People I play with prefer to farm "200 drops just por a pet", I often pay EC, but I don't want to pay for a thing I could have free (and ED prices for IM items aren't worth it).
  5. Why is the Halloween pet in the Item Mall while it was free in official servers? Gross.