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  1. laby being added is cool and all but the fact that gungnir actually does damage now is fuckin amazing plus all the other delicious rena buffs mmm
  2. another "hi i got banned but instead of taking it to ban appeals like a normal person i am going to (most likely lie and say i did not hack and most likely did) and make a public thread about it instead" thread OT: okay that's nice good bye
  3. iirc only heroic top gets attack/attacked damage OT: imo attack speed cuz being fast is nice
  4. it's ok the most she can get is 3MP per second in pvp she needs 340-400MP + 30ECP before she can even do this tho xd
  5. because nothing was wrong with this thread in the first place since you responded to a thread from 2015, it's considered necro'd and that's against the rules this is why you should check the dates of the last post before posting on a thread under 2 weeks is fine, anything over is not according to the rules
  6. i never said your comment wasn't true but ok i mean i didn't even read it so plus necroing is against the rules but someone beat it to me already anyway @Poppy @Structure
  7. i'm highly impressed you forgot to read the date of this thread nice necro
  8. Oh, don't get me wrong, I understand that completely. Privacy is nice. But hey, it's not like censoring exists or anything!
  9. Instead of saying you can open the screenshot, show it instead, as it seems like others cannot open it nor do they have the file in the data folder.
  10. seems like bait, but i'll bite anyway You said it takes a screenshot of your screen, but how do you know that if you can't open the screenshot anyway?