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  1. SummerDays

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    As someone who has been playing void for 3 years, yes it is dying. I got bored of it and so did my friend, the end game of elsword is just fucked up, i havent log in much for the past 8 months
  2. SummerDays

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    @Structure is there no fix to this?
  3. SummerDays

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    got the 2651627kb/s that just makes me deletes the data files that i downloaded, its been going on for hours need help
  4. PREACH!! ilys OT: fox ears finally!
  5. SummerDays

    [02/02/18] IB Rotation Discussion

    please no... @Dystopia ty for selling me the ec code earlier!
  6. SummerDays

    [02/02/18] IB Rotation Discussion

    say yes, and i will stalk the board for you
  7. SummerDays

    [02/02/18] IB Rotation Discussion

    @Ines let's burn till we become expensive hookers
  8. SummerDays

    How many tries did it take you to get a +11?

    1st : 21 tries (lvl 8 blacksmith) 2nd: 37 tries (lvl 10 blacksmith) might +11 again if void wep drops on me
  9. lmao, rip to those who had high hopes for Mariposa and LoW this rotation.
  10. SummerDays

    Lower EC cost of Ain Poses

    +1 although i dont play ain, they should do this for luciel as well, since we're purchasing each pose seperately and they all cost 700EC.
  11. SummerDays

    Your main and why

    my first main in elsword on NA was eve, CBS. (this was when she was first introduced, picked her because she could practically fly.) when i hopped onto the void server, i main Ara, SD and add, DiE. (mostly for pvp) i have a trouble picking my main around that time, so i jump from character to character trying to find a suitable main. (influenced by what my friends are maining) GrM, BH, YR, EM. i finally found my permanent main, when i started playing IS, that was before the huge nerf that made him irrelevant. after the big nerf, i jumped onto the RS bandwagon and also decided to experiment on LK. LK is my current main, though i jump onto RS and IS from time to time so i wouldn't get rusty or when i miss playing on them. im praying KoG won't mess with IS's 3rd job, he's pretty much my favourite class.
  12. SummerDays

    QUITTING|Huge NewYear's Eve Giveaway

    Hoping to get any ibs that you got to spare~ IGN: Jeo
  13. SummerDays

    ♥ Thank You for the Fortune Cookie ♥

    i thought they increased them? since there were plenty of +11 upgrades when they gave out the fortune cookies. i dont see any players getting +11 after the 26th, is that a coincidence or..
  14. SummerDays

    ♥ Thank You for the Fortune Cookie ♥

    is the +11 enhancement rate temporary until 26/12 or is it permanent? ;_;
  15. IGN: LordJeoClass: ISMain or Alt: AltPrevious Guild: Metallic (still in it)Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): Heroic and perkisas weaponTimezone: UTC-08:00Name/Nickname (optional): JeoAbout you (optional): i dont like pineapple on pizzasWhy did you decide to join this Guild?: meeting new people to make the game more enjoyable