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  1. Bruh can yall take a joke for once on something meme/shitpost thread like this? Just ignore if yall dont like those thread smh OT: I vote for....rapen-- i mean AuwOwA for his gei +10 FoL wep,his non exist El's Aspiration his meme.
  2. ty for dis post i forgot to bump my suggestion thread
  3. u got that

  4. +1 of this, finally i can necro a good suggestions cuz new void forum rules is :ok_hands:
  5. Not gonna join or anything cuz i have my own personal guild but there an error on your guild post: Just saying, good luck on your guild! lmao im in the discord server but barely talk here smh :peposhrug:
  6. Did you record ur run at all? You should go post the video on ban appeal and tell the staff/mod that you found a lot of hacker on dungeon. Jesus christ wtf- Exp title and oneshot bethma? That char class is either OP and the bethma boss can able to oneshot, he like the easiest boss even in luto mode, staff said that they did code run to check if people hack or not before banning...yikes, bad luck for you, just make a ban appeal and explain everything about you found hackers on dungeon, good luck to you.
  7. +1 of this, but are u really sure u encoutering hacker on drabaki and SDs? Most of people oneshot is high-geared OP player who have +9 to +11 wep, to make sure check out my guide here.
  8. then rip, they cant do that as i seen someone asked the same question on those 2.x previous rewards, they said they wont do it so bad luck for ya.
  9. salty = jealous/angry player, basially they will angry and said shit at you if you are BETTER than them, you get the point? btw if you read my guide, i list some of char that is good with shit gears AKA really OP class. Good luck~
  10. I dont think they gonna make them bankshareable due for some program problem. About Varnimyr Accs cube, the cube can bankshareable yes but the accessory that you HAD open on a char after you got the cube, you cant bankshare it anymore.Also the idea of making it bankshareable is stupid cuz those accessory are too OP.Basially one cube = ALL char and the stats are just cancer, so no.