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  1. Gesugao


    Inb4 they make it only craftable on event like the selfie pose one or make it limited pose, i hope not. +1 and LF>Polls.
  2. Gesugao

    Coachella festival (Event) [In progress]

    Kinda agreed with you but void is ded af without event. Thought why did you put your "sig" on the post? Just go farm post points on spam thread til you get to 500 points and you can put ur semi-sig on Settings. OT: Neutral tbh, kinda concerned on Ran and staff cuz they sometimes having problem on kog-coding.I love events but then...this event seem not even making sense. Suggest ya to make backstory and timing like DoomBringer said.
  3. Gesugao

    [Event] Guess The Image

    IGN: Gesugao [Stage: Easy Answer] Mei - Lanox Village [Stage: Medium Answer] Noel - Velder Village [Stage: Hard Answer] Rosean - Sander Village
  4. Awagoawogjawg my bad sorry! I thought Angel Slayer is also relate to Demon, fixed it thank you for the warning!
  5. Gesugao


    Welcome to Void Forum and Voidels, d-dear Korean player! Hope you enjoy staying here! B-Baka...!
  6. Gesugao

    Hello Void O:

    Eh PVE or PVP? I only know about PVE , not much on PVP. And since you are new to Void so... Oz is not a really good pick for new player, her damage is not that good at all and she mana-hungry too. I played her before, that is just my experience.
  7. Gesugao

    Hello Void O:

    W-Welcome to Void Forum you baka! Enjoy dank memes and dram--- I mean...Stay calm and have fun here~ If you looking for Character Guide , Looking for Group to leveling or General Guide blah blah then you can just research on Forum here, unless you cant find any answer, feel free to ask any question! also good luck surviving here.
  8. Gesugao

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    +1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111--- *CHOKED* Yall we need this for RAID and to those people who spend 1b+ but wont get +10, and *Insert almost every +1 reason comment here*
  9. Gesugao


    Ah my morning dumb ass brain, i forgot that some mods are too OP on Ereda but i dont complain much cuz i got used to em + im a BiM main anyway. My apologize for being salty but that skill litterally just pissed off but welp, i need to learn how to keep calm and just..watching myself suffering getting frozen from that skill. Also i remembered that GMs stated that they wont removing officals nvm about this suggestion. My apologize about my previous answer, honestly on Code:Closer they litterally blocked a frozen char (Bai Winchester) from PVP so my dumbass brain thought void will do the same lmfao. R> @Xera @Structure Lock please- or delete this suggestion omf-
  10. Gesugao


    Okay so you wanna watch yourself get frozen for few secs then lose the tower everytime? I understand that it is hard to get that thing but... look at the effect...seriously? Also i dint said it shouldnt allow on PVE, if you read the topic title right, its okay if you can use it on PVE, totally useful for dungeon and maybe raid too ig? If it does effect on Raid bosses (12-x).
  11. Gesugao


    YALL GO HOME, MY BRAIN BEING SALTY....Again? i guess. Also apologize for making this stupid ass suggestion