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  1. Well SCP is basially a website to write about horror stuff, much like creepypasta but good story/tale and got made into horror game aowgoaowg---- bAsiALlY itS gAYesT aNd ADUlT ver oF cREEPyPasTA Also im glad that ya doing well ;w;b and i still confused a bit on why people here not into dark/edgy stuff like any diff website-- but ayeee uwub people taste after all!
  2. Tysmmm Physic-samaaa ;w;b you are also my fav void staff tooo AAAAAHHH!!!!! I am really sure that i enjoy my diff games awogaowgawog and ofc ill always peeky on them forums cuz GFX and art is my s h i t RIGHT THERE!!!!!!! I rarely use gesugao's girl pic for sig and pfp nowaday--- I litterally obsessed over SCP and edgy not-human stuff like that so *sweat* but i think i will put gesugao's girl for my sig and pfp again when i feel like it + when i see p e r f e c t i o n pic.Thank you again!!! And hope you and all void staff out here doing great on here ;w;b
  3. Thank you Shiryelle-sama ;w;b honestly you are one of best void staff that i ever see even thought we dont talk that much but heared people talking how nice you are is really lovely! I will enjoy my break on void ofc awogoawg-- Also i really love your vaporwave/synthwave/outrun(honestly idk which one fit your theme the most so ree--) its so relax and stare-able too when i feel like being soft uwub Thank you again!
  4. Well that WAS when im not in mood also i dint expect that hardcore gore pic--- you know what just forget it i feel disgusted when i saw that pic-
  5. Asuwyyy nee samaaa >: Oof dont bully me with them pic again! Also goodbye to you too cuz i saw your farewell thread but dint reply cuz dunno if you hate me or idk--- But yeah ;w;b we both leave void now, take care asuwyy samaaa!!!! And im sorry for what happened cuz i was not in mood awogaowg
  6. @Marisia AAAAA Yes i still keep my order(any order before i decided to quit) ajfjjsjd TYSMMM MARI-SAMAAAA FOR UNDERSTANDING WHAT I SAID AND READ ENTIRE POST AKNDJESNNF— Also please take care of yourself like always! I can still wait anytime for ya so please take ur time! Healthy above anything >: About Bl guide you can still ask me anytime, also you can ask any info about me and ill answer em all! I love answering question about something i know really well! I LOVE YOU MARI SAMAAA!
  7. Well ever since i got into identity v, i love the concept then check out the original concept of the game aka DbD, i prefer dbd for more horror and memes but aye ty u too hope my parent but me good laptop or else it will end up with decent laptop that only ran that game in normal or low setting reee Keter becuz according to ppl on raid server: im a huge troller there with ton of...lewd yaoi pic that will burn everyone eyes out :^) Thank you and goodbye uwub also i love ur sig, he hella hot almksnfwkf
  8. I did on hiatus few week ago then later came back to do raid... and im still getting tired of playing this game, my life have been less-stressed ever since i stop playing it, so i put an end to this els journey. Even the new gears and dungeon seem not sastified me cuz... its just lame af and bored imo. Anyway thank you very much! ;w;b!
  9. Oh hii xevi and sure ill contact ya on disc when i feel like it/- akdbskd thank youuuuu <3 ITS BEEN 69 YEARS—- HI MY GAE AIN AND IM SORRY I HAVE TO LEAVE OR ELSE ILL BE STRESSSED AF OK Sofnskdnkejdk wait you like scp and tf2 too? Oi u can contact me on disc if u wanna talk but like- i forgot to add that im sadist af and want sum challenge on ppl so here is the challenge: go find my discord on any void related discord server, same name as my forum name, glgllgl aaaakfs ;;
  10. Hi, prob yall dont remmebered me or just see me ordering fan art and GFX stuff but yea...well i think i stopped doing that(after i recieve my stuff and pay ppl there) + playing this bored game after many years...lets see...2-3years? Yeah prob.Honestly im not the type to gather ppl attention to me anymore, i was but shit fucked up so here i am: A edgy bitch who dont feel like talking to anyone, only doing writing shit cuz bored....yeah boredddd- Anyway, i was thinking about writing my intro and farewell in SCP document ref but it will be cringey more than this entire post i made although i been wanting to write a SCP document about my OC-SCP *shrug* but i cant take anything serious anymore + too lazy to learn grammar.... Yeah ill just make my intro in SCP-style and make myself a clown fangirl lol.But w/e i dont care, i just love typing essay so y e e t. Wait what is SCP you asked? Google it fam, basially its creepypasta but gayer + cool ass story + more edgier but logical story than creepypasta... well basially adult ver of creepypasta. Anyway my serious introduce here since i hasnt post my intro long ago-- I mean i was but thats was just a prank introduce. Name: Alice (not technially real name, just english name that i want to get called with) Age: 16 Object Class: Keter Favorite food and drinks: Fries,Chicken,Noodle, any kind of juice that drink-able,h o l y w a t e r, BBQ and more f r i e s. Fav music genres: EDM(Trap, Deep house, Future house, Bass house), Aesthetic...? (Synthwave,Vaporwave... any kind of wave,Cyberpunk) Relax music(yA liKE jaZZ????) Appeareance: Looking ching-chong ass mofo with lot of dark circle around her eyes, always wear black or/and red colors costume. Rarely and never want to wear skirt and short dress, long dress is acceptable.Long ass black hair and skinny like skeleton. Even eating a lot still make her look like that for unknown reason.Also wearing black-modern-glasses, normal sized Description: Alice once was impersonating as a gay Ciel back in 2017 with nickname "Alex" aka “BreadLord420” and forum name was "AwkwardTrashCan". The reason she had been like that was due of her boredoom and was too shy to reveal her trueself cuz of her parents... you get the context. In 2018 she decided to reveal her true-self because she met her ex-best friend that helped her a lot through many times but at near the end of 2018 to first month of 2019, they decide to go their own way due drama about em and shit community that ruined those two. After that incident, Alice been around and trolling people a lot especially male player: Showing ton of picture of many disgusted-material art of male character on Elsword, many people that she has showed the picture have some kind of weird diseases/symptoms/w-e you called such as: Anxiety, nightmare, puke for many mins-hours, suicidal thought and a lot more things relate to suicide/wanted to remove their eyes vision.All of this just because Alice being boredom until she just realized her main task: Getting all end-game stuff on Voidels such as +11 FoJ, RG title, blah blah... Farewell Appearly, Alice spend lot of time,at least 1 years and half to managed to get end-game stuff by raiding hard at Rosso Raid, dont want to talk to people much than before, obsessed over a damn fucking raid leading to the point she become "anti-social" like she was before back in 2016(beside trolling people and arguing people about raid stuff, thats just when she feel like it). After she got everything, she put an end to her game-life: "Great now i got everything i want, now i can go back to where i want to be...but will it still there?" She thought as staring at her main char: BL and RH, "This game is like a job and really high farm simulator with boring dungeon,shit ass community,terrible fps optimize, KoG being braindead with terrible reboot, so...why am i bothering to keep "playing" it? I rather sastified myself than making myself "working" on a "job" that dont give me any excitement and real money." She glaring at her old likes video and most of context is about: TF2 and SCP. Those two context was when she want to be playing em but due of her obsessed over Elsword, she decided to play em when she getting really bored on Els. Now she came back... to her old place, back to the past. Oh also she play Roblox too but she most of times watching video on youtube...due her laziness on playing. Edit: I forgot to add that i also play identity V and will prob play Dead by Daylight in time i got new laptop. Anyway i hope yall enjoy reading or puke while reading entire post or get confused cUZ tOO lONg FOr IntRO aND fARewELL wHeN i DId sAiD ThAT riGHT aT thE poST titLE. Thought... Im still around here but just looking at people drawing art and GFX stuff, i love looking at em... its fascinating! Anyway cyaaaaaaaaaaa l a t e r ! Maybe? Also you can ask me anything if you wanted to...prob no one will ig lmao-