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  1. Welcome back! Don't main Laby.
  2. Haha i had this on NA, and when i first started void i looked for the exact same set but couldn't find it ): +1 though.
  3. LF> Bumps. 


    1. Gesugao


      Got chu. *Slide into your shop thread and bump*

  4. No. In short considering you can bank share El-rewards this seems pretty unnecessary. (If you mess up the process its your own fault)
  5. EP hair and MR Hair reason- Im poor and need ed for gear c: IGN-Saddening
  6. Hi void community! So, I'm new here, i'll introduce myself, My name is Aki (Nickname) I was a NA main back in the day, until i reached my goal to become SSS without loading up a single $ and every item i've earned if from hardcore grinding, was a SSS Noblesse, i know its not much if a big thing, but hey if little things can make you happy enough so why not~ Anyways i recently joined void about a month ago..i think so..and i came here for the same goal, now i haven't seen any sss here so i think its gonna be really a challenging path for me. Myself, Aki. i'm 17 years old, i love music, and uh, i also love a social environment for most of the part. Have a great day everyone!