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  1. "Let the memory live again..." Dreamy, Yearning, Curious IGN: Baketan Stills, reference and item list: Special thanks to my Musical nerd mom to whom I just walked up to and asked "Hey mom, shoot me a random Musical to work from!"
  2. I think they mean having the option to awaken without the special awakened forms some characters have, in this case Ara's hair change. Can't say I'm against this one, but I doubt it's possible at all... They did say the transformation doesn't happen with a specific costume (I have absolutely NO ide what the "Cojinho pajamas" are though...) so maybe there's a way to abuse what I believe is a bug and make it a Void feature. I'll still throw my +1 in here, you never know.
  3. I'm not opposed to this but keep them static. The animated ones are... seizure-inducing at best
  4. +1 Yes please im so sick of having to click Quick Clear to get them, and having to pick between the tickets and the ability to F8.
  5. Yeah in the end it's more work, but this Idol event is experimental after all. And I don't think it's fair to limit the prize to people who were already in the forums before. Unless you can think of a better way to avoid double entries...
  6. Maybe remove the posts requirement but make people post their IGN and staff would double-check that no two IGNs are in the same account before drawing the raffle.
  7. My very first character back on NA was a Runey I got to lvl 50 with my friend Shura. This was back when getting the title from Altera Core was ridiculously hard and Feita was still meant to be played alongside altera and you only got 3 free slots per account with the oldass interface... It even had the old marketplace! After lots of back and forth between NA and EU (ES) I ended up back on NA with a BH back when the cap was still 70... A friend from another game told me about Void, but because Elesis didn't have many costumes at the time I stuck to NA. Except you ran out of quests at like 67 and you had to braindead grind your way to 70. I was pretty annoyed about it and eventually came here. My first character here was a YR because she felt like the longer-ranged equivalent of BH. Eventually though I caved and made another BH because I'm way too gay for her... Then as soon as we got Add I made him my main, and from there I ended up trying out and capping every class of every character xD Now that accounts can have every class in one by buying slots I have some characters that I remade and still need capping, but I'll take my time with those.
  8. +1 but as Nonemi said I think older recolors should get updated with the newer characters. I really want some of those sets on LuCiel/Rose/Ain/Laby
  9. Well I'm an (amateur) singer but I'm not Emo soooooo. I also ain't Solace. We're derailing this so damn much.
  10. Adopted sister actually, and against her will (tho at that point her will was questionable) but yeah, only thing I hate solace for is hurting my baby Yuno. Ok, so we can have Solace but playing a guitar (?) Edit: this is a little inside joke I have with Lyrose but might as well dump it here for giggles Basically I'm not trying to glorify emos or the emo stereotype. The heck I care what people call themselves, as long as they're not toxic to others and themselves. Emo is just short for "emotional", but I assume you know that. I'm merely joking around based on Solace's post-Elysion design where he looks like he converted to Emo subculture out of nowhere.
  11. Woah there. I used emo loosely, and not with the intent to prompt a 3-line rant about real life emos and how awful they are/might be. Please chill. It's not like Solace goes around emotionally manipulating girls as a hobby (tho he kinda tried?)
  12. Psh, Rosso is a boring tsundere trap. Gaia is best husbando and Solace is emo enough to have fangirls as well. Ebalon would definitely lose tho considering he hasnt bothered showing up yet and let's not mind the implications that he might be the Henir's order traitor Denif mentions...
  13. Please do the El Masters and priestesses next... 12 teams, and better chances of a balance in numbers if you ask me since there's both boys and girls to pick from! OT: I honestly don't mind it, everyone gets to roll on the boxes and reap whatever the final rewards are anyways. It'd even make stuff more interesting if the other teams managed to compete. It's not like Team Ignia universally agrees on the rewards either way and I'm not changing what I want to vote for.
  14. Edited the poll, so anyone who voted might want to do so again. No discriminating between IM and event/cubes now!