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  1. Seishin Hermy

    Force skills suggestion.

    +1. At least give us a way to access them for little or no RNG, like a special drop that can be used to craft them with ED but still below market price or a massive amount of apink cards + ED.
  2. Seishin Hermy

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    My thoughts for PvE only: Elsword seems to be rather OK in PvE right now. Maybe a few small tweaks could make RM gameplay more fluid, as I feel like he's inferior to KE and Im right now. Metamorphy needs a huge PvE buff. I've tried running some dungeons with her alongside friends and the kick warning wouldn't leave my screen no matter how hard I tried to be useful. She's, mostly, way too slow and does not recover MP effectively even under Magical Makeup. Twilight needs some improvements as well, as her role in PvE is currently very vague. Not much of a clearer, and definitely gets outclassed in bossing by many others. FB needs a bit of a nerf, and NI a bit of a buff, RH seems fine and satisfying to use from what I've tested so far. All Eves need a skill casting speed increase, and C:Es and C:U could use some mobility tweaks. C:Es's summons need to follow her more closely and get an AI improvement. Chungs seem OK, maybe cannon related skills could use a buff in PvE since endgame enemies move around so much and the cannon depends so much on sniping from one set position. More cannon damage would make the risk of staying still more worthwhile. Ara kinda... needs nerfing mostly. She's speedy and can ensure the rest of the party hardly touches a monster if her gear is good enough as all her paths have some way to clear rather quickly. The awakening nerf she just got is actually not that good in PvE in my opinion though. Elesis is in a good spot right now, and I feel like other characters should try to match her current power. ES has good clearing and bossing right now. FL is very MP costly and rarely oneshots enemies in endgame with her homings, but still okay-ish. BQ needs a slight buff, as she loses way too much HP to match the damage of other classes and keeps losing ways to recover it. Add mostly needs buffing. I don't see a lot of DBs out there because he's so 1v1 oriented, his few PvE skills being a little underwhelming, the sensitivity and duration of Dom's homing attacks have seen better days and aren't really worth the MP cost right now. MP seems OK in PvE when in the hands of a good player. Lu/Ciel need a mix of buffs and nerfs. Inno is really OP and fast at clearing right now, leaving others in a trail of dust, but doesn't quite deserve to be nerfed into oblivion either. Cat needs better damage on the combination skills and more effective trashmob ellimination. Dia is... weird, and I have little experience with it, but it seems to be okay from what I can tell. As much as everyone hates Rose, I'm honestly gonna make a stand for her PvE ability. Min gets the best among all her classes due to her freezing skills and splash damage, as well as her quick mobility that lets her clear from one end of a map while everyone works on the other, but EMP Shock is really, really bad. BlM stays stuck in her attack animations too long, making her fall behind. TB seems to be good when it comes to her combos but her skills still feel like you could pick the bunch that's useful in PvE and not even fill up both skill slots. PO is just... really useless right now. Her summon AIs need to be vastly improved, and her skill effects need to stop getting the way of everyone's sight of the map. Also every single Rose needs quieter gunshot sounds because I swear by the El that's the main reason I've been avoiding playing any Rose class entirely. Ain seems to be doing fine as Bluhen and Herrscher. Bluhen's always welcome in any party and can still carry his own weight aside from the fantastic support, and Herrscher's damage and reach seem good. Richter, on the other hand, takes rather long to cast his skills when in a party and the damage is not up to par in general. BOTH LABYS SO FAR ARE SUPER OVERPOWERED BUT I LOVE HER ANYWAYS.
  3. Seishin Hermy

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

  4. Seishin Hermy

    Void's Ultimate Boss Rush!

    I don't think a +9 is worth 1000 runs of anything... Especially considering it usually takes less than that to drop a weapon cube from Pepsiman which is far more empowering and that one is super short to run (even for me it only takes 3 minutes maximum and I'm a pretty terrible player).
  5. Seishin Hermy

    Returning to Void for real now.

    Welcome back!
  6. Seishin Hermy

    Official Ereda Timeā„¢

    +1 If they make it like a "hot time" with double rewards or something. No point if it's just "hey ereda is there go do it".
  7. Seishin Hermy

    Ariaya has arrived!

    Welcome to our collective despair-hole! Hope you have a great time~
  8. Seishin Hermy

    [Monthly] Void's Artist

    IGN: EatMyNoodles Wah-Kun deserves all the bamboo. He's soft, cute and shaped like a friend. And he carries me around towns faster! Reference: WIP:
  9. Seishin Hermy

    Valentine's Event

    I'm mostly supporting this suggestion for the free breakup. While it's not very Valentine-y, it lets players who're married to people who quit or they dont like anymore choose to marry someone else. Also allows people to delete those goddamn married characters that they don't even want anymore without wasting 100m because nobody should have to waste 100m just to delete a character >_>
  10. Seishin Hermy

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    It's not dying IMO. Sure it's not as heavily played as it was in the early days or when a massive update comes out, but it's definitely not dying more than officials are in proportion. Blame KoG for locking so much content behind super high refine rate weapons, if anything... When the CP system was implemented I was definitely discouraged to play because there was content I could do before and not anymore just because of a couple points. The PvP scene on the other hand is most certainly dead. I don't know a lot about this since I never liked PvP anyways, but again KoG and their crap balancing are to blame. Not to mention they completely overlooked the potential EVERYONE ELSE saw in skill tooltips (to nerf/buff a skill in PvE or PvP only) so PvP is still unbalanced and some classes are just awful to run in PvE because they were nerfed for PvP. In PvE, people avoid queueing because it seems like getting an actual party these days means not actually playing at all. Since I've cursed queueing in KR so much lately I can also vouch for this one being on KoG. If you get a full party everything just gets steamrolled before you can even touch it unless you're a hardcore player who trained a lot to always use the fastest skills first and whatnot. I'm just a casual and these days I find 2 people + queue buff is the perfect balance. I'm sure a lot of others agree or even prefer queue buffed solo, and will cancel as many times as it takes until they get it... Also even before the CP system (and even worse after!) the actually compelling content was effectively locked away from players without a +10 or above. Even +10 itself isn't a lot these days. I don't think I know more than a couple people who can actually ENTER the Varnymir raid, let alone do it in Normal mode. That speaks volumes about who KoG wants to keep as players or not to me. Basically, I still love this game but KoG's been doing everything to make me hate it.
  11. Seishin Hermy

    Let's add Transformers mounts!

    I KNOW BUT I WANNA STEP ON THAT SPECIFIC GAS IS WHAT I'M SAYING, IT WAS INTENTIONAL! :c Geez I figure I'd looped this for entire days enough that I wouldn't be called out on not knowing my eurobeat:
  12. Seishin Hermy

    Let's add Transformers mounts!

    +1 Gas gas gas i gotta step on that gas
  13. Please, this, with all of my being. I have one Corgi and it's the best baby ever. I'm really sad I couldnt afford Maru as well back then ;-;
  14. Seishin Hermy

    Anti-salt thread

    When Void first got Add, and they released both available classes before any other western server <3 When I first saw Add I just knew he was going to be my favorite character. That status hasn't been anywhere near shaken up no matter what new characters may come out, Add is best asshole husbando!
  15. Seishin Hermy

    Boss Drops in Magic Wardrobe?

    I remember seeing a bunch of regular gear in MW in the KR server back when I was first testing out the feature. In Void's case I think the issue is that all items have to be added manually to it and there's a LOT of costumes to account for, let alone regular gear...