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  1. This is more of a cosmetic suggestion than something that actually affects gameplay... Recently we got the Black, Gold, Brown and Pink Miho's Fox Ears accessories in the IM. It just so happens that the pink ears go perfectly with Laby's hair! This made me really want to use them, but there's no tail to match for a fox/wolf/cat look. Black can be paired with Wild Wolf Tail (A) and the Polar Bear Paws (Black) or the Fluffy Cat Paws (Black). Gold goes amazingly with the Fluffy Fox Tail from the IM, but no paws actually match it well. One could still pair up Brown with the Laby's Rara Raccoon Tail (Ver. 1) or the Squirrel tail, but both of those are very stiff and you can't get a fox/wolf look from them. The Fennec Fox Tail (Yellow) is the closest fox/wolf tail to the color of these ears, but still a bad match. Polar Bear Paws (Brown) match it nicely, at least. Then we have the Pink ears... And no pink tails or paws to go with them. So I'd like to suggest that we make our own accessory recolors to have in the IM: Gold-colored paws (Bear, Cat or both) and Pink Tails (Wild Wolf, Fox or both) and Paws (Bear, Cat or both). This is by no means a suggestion I think should take priority over actual content or bug fixes, so everyone hold your "this shouldn't be a priority" comments. It's merely something I think should be added because, while most people are fine wearing accessory ears without tails or paws, this really bugs me and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I honestly want this more for the tails than for the paws, but getting paws as well would most definitely be a treat! So... yeah. Please let us make the perfect wolf/fox/kitty Laby <3
  2. +1 From me~ It's a harmless addition and would make the fashion market more dynamic again and who are we kidding we're all here to play dressup.
  3. It would be toxic, not fun. Lots of players don't even speak English so the ability to communicate would be a gamble at best, too. And lastly, I doubt even KoG would be able to implement this in their own spaghetti-coded game, so don't expect Void to have the capacity to do it. It would require a LOT of changes to the game, not to mention a massive upgrade to the servers to withstand the increased bandwidth from the voice calls.
  4. But why a cooking pot, oh WHY.
  5. I agree with the original post for the most part. I'll be voting: 800%EXP 50% Job EXP Double Energy Fusion drops (more for the shards than the weapon cube chances really) 100% Random Mission chance And for the Packs: Guild Pack (and I'm NOT going back on this one) Socket Pack (just because +9s are now easy to get, otherwise I'd pick Beginner Gear)
  6. IGN: EatMyNoodles Lu's Salvatore Rosso WIP 2:
  7. I don't merely want this I need this PLEASE +1000000
  8. If you really want to do something for the teams that are losing right now, your best bet is to put up a poll asking which buffs the community as a whole would like to get. This way, the Team Ignia (or whichever team wins really, a comeback is unlikely but possible) members can reference it if they want and pick buffs not only based on their personal interests but also what everyone else would like to get. As for those who don't care and will only pick what they're personally interested in, they have the right to do so and that's the nature of the event. I'm sure one way or another we'll all end up at least content with the final rewards since 4 of them will be chosen instead of just one!
  9. I'd like to have another way to obtain the Animation set now that it's no longer in the level up cubes. Some pieces were really neat to finish up outfits and such. I'd also really like to get the black versions of the ELS-N1 Grand Prix Maintenance Suits, since to my knowledge we only have the blue for the guys and red for the girls. The black ones are so good... Also +1 for the blonde/golden version of the dragon illusionist set.
  10. Exactly what the title says. 2.5 fixed the party kick system... And I honestly want it broken again. There's no reason to have it since everyone in a queue receives the solo queue buff now, and it just lets overgeared people prevent players who actually WANT to contribute from completing their quests. Like, seriously. It's possible to have entire runs where you get to punch maybe 4-5 monsters in the face total because the rest of your party is steamrolling and you aren't "pro" enough or don't have that crispy +11 or your class has slow casting skills. So... yeah. Please break the party system again. It was for the best that it has been broken until now.
  11. What are you talking about, I got another one just today. But a big +1 to this suggestion from me.
  12. This with Sariel is my best... Still a huge work in progress and I'll probably change to EtW as my Pepsi farmer next time I drop a cube.
  13. Lurking right back at you~ :syobonyanWave:

  14. Just lurking on your profile ~ :syobonyanSparkle:

  15. Void's doing fine for a private server. Acknowledging Elsword is a game I've played for too long to be able to let go of just like that, I can't imagine myself playing it anywhere else but here. All the restrictions officials impose on you are honestly suffocating. I used to play mainly on NA and shrugged off the possibility of playing Void when it had just gotten Elesis, yet eventually I came back for Add and lo and behold, I realized over time if not for Void I wouldn't even be playing this game anymore. That's not to say everything's perfect. Others have already mentioned some of our issues over here, but private servers will almost always have some setbacks. I still think Void is worth playing on. And all it takes for me to remember that is to go on literally any other official and notice the longass quests for basic things like job changes and skills, the lack of same-sex marriage and the dreadful chat filter that won't let you use perfectly acceptable words... You wanna say "let me swap my gear" on official? WELL TOO BAD BECAUSE "SWAP" IS SOMEHOW A CURSE WORD TO THEM. It's just ridiculous. Word filtering has become a major turnoff for me on ANY game but Elsword officials take it to a whole other level of ridiculousness where I can't even express myself the way I normally do while chatting with friends. So, is Void not the same it was at its peak? Yeah, I suppose it's lost some of its spark. Is it still enjoyable? Yes. I take breaks here and there without ever going on actual hiatuses that I'd announce on the "Introductions and Farewells" section, and just by not hopping on everyday I can manage to keep the game interesting to myself and endure the wait for new content wth a smile. Is it bad enough to prompt returning to officials? NOT IN A BILLION YEARS.