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  1. Kamukura

    [Event] Guess The Image

    [IGN]* P2 [Stage: Easy Answer] Mei of Lanox [Stage: Medium Answer] Noel of Velder [Stage: Hard Answer] Rosean of Sander
  2. seriously can aishas stop being fucking pussies and running every second they can
  3. eats ur ass

  4. zoom imon dksjdksdj im the master of ungodly timing for a reason
  5. IGN: SoftharaName or Nickname: KatGender: FemaleTime Zone: PSTAge*: FetusAbout Yourself*: criesoverdanganronpatoomuch
  6. when you get bullied for being a rose pepehands
  7. oh so i heard you wanna pvp (throws in laggers) have some more (throws in laggers with gear) eat up child (throws in extremely laggy people with sacrifice and a truck ton of damage they pulled out of their asses) consume your tears (throws in cancer classes as well)
  8. we were getting bullied and i didnt save my partner :ok_hand: either that or he's just stupid well guys if i get banned yall know where i went :clap: apparently noob still exists, i thought this was fortnite for a moment
  9. gets their luciel ass beaten by mine for 2 matches i dont see their whisper cuz in pt chat tabs back when pvp partner whispers comes back to this ass getting carried by a fl with sacri cackles
  10. Kamukura

    [EatAss] - Eat asses beat bitches

    bump we still alive bois
  11. Kamukura

    [EatAss] - Eat asses beat bitches

  12. Kamukura

    PvP Flames Quest

  13. Kamukura

    PvP Flames Quest