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  1. Whether or not their workarounds overcome the (your) whole issue, they're still workarounds. They're temporary solutions which doesn't require them to fix all parts of the issue. But we get it. You're the type of person who thinks that working hard your entire life in a low tier job so angry and frustrated with everything and progressing in life so extremely slowly that by the time you've amassed a mountain of credit card debt, you're behind on your rent, and your grandkids have water in their hand soap to make it last longer, you can say on your deathbed: "I had a good life." You've already expressed your opinion on how you want things to be harder on yourself and now that you're (frankly, hopefully) done, let's be clear on one thing: there's no point in crying and whining about shit you can't change. stop it. get some help.
  2. They literally are addressing the issue, that’s the point of their response to OP. They’re literally offer workarounds... like ?????? To claim that the issue can’t be addressed makes your whole case idiotic and a waste of everyone’s time.
  3. Honestly, it sounds like you made this thread to point out a personal problem you have with the server and then refute every point that others make when they offer workarounds to your personal problem as an explanation as to why it doesn’t work for you. We understand you want to waste away doing dungeons for four hours to end up at level 15, but natural progression ain’t gonna happen here. Delete your void account if you don’t want to speed level by default (which was a major selling point for this server in the first place so like... ????? Why’d you come ?)
  4. 2.36 GB/5.8 GB 0.13MB/s -> 0.00b/s -> 0.06 MB/s -> 2336452158673452.34MB/s -> Rinse & Repeat Currently at 1 Day and 3 Hours
  5. VP combos are heaven for me but her damage (even with a +9 r27) is kinda trash in both pve and pvp, and she's really lag sensitive, which really discourages me from playing her. CR is fun cuz i can cuck people who sit together with Chain Snatch + Kill Point in spar. For me though, I'd have to say my most wanted classes are IS,RS,IP,ArT,AP,VC, &, maybe TT. I've been mostly playing girls because of flashy skills, combos but its gotten stale recently and I wanna try something new. Same, Honestly
  6. inb4 they were just looking for a reason to lock it :cry: We're done derailing FMs/GMs :'•] Anyway. Question: If and when this suggestion comes along, what chars are you guys making? @#addtrashwe already know ur answer leave space for others to reply ;;
  7. We've already explained to you why the reasoning behind your -1 is pure and utter garbage. Honestly, We really are not here for it. There are multiple exits here so you can show yourself out. Here, Ill show you some: Thank you, Don't come again next time!!
  8. ir·rel·e·vant əˈreləvənt/ adjective adjective: irrelevant not connected with or relevant to something. She isn't relevant because her argument has nothing to do with meaningful reasons to disagree with the suggestion. nar·cis·sis·tic ˌnärsəˈsistik/ adjective having an excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one's physical appearance. "a narcissistic actress" synonyms: vain, self-loving, self-admiring, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, conceited, self-centered, self-regarding, egotistic, egotistical, egoistic; informalfull of oneself She seems to be so sure of her self and apparently thinks she's always right. Hint: I'd quote, but as sure I am that you are her lackey, I'm just as sure you've read all of her comments. She replies almost immediately with no regard to whether her replies are relevant or even correct. stale1 stāl/ adjective adjective: stale; comparative adjective: staler; superlative adjective: stalest no longer new and interesting or exciting. "their marriage had gone stale" The hoe has been saying the same shit over and over, failing to get her point across. I'm not surprised, honestly, because they were pretty stupid. bi·as ˈbīəs/ noun noun: bias; plural noun: biases 1. prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair. "there was evidence of bias against foreign applicants" She doesn't need it, and due to that she doesn't think anyone should have it. How narcissistic and biased can a bitch get?? vin·dic·tive vēnˈdiktiv/ adjective having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge. "the criticism was both vindictive and personalized" She has been proved wrong on more than one occasion and she replies just to say some shit, probably in order to not look stupid. I'll quote for this one. Exhibit 1: Exhibit 2: Now to your second point: Why she hasn't responded. There is a saying that I've heard somewhere. I'm not sure who said it or when. I'm also paraphrasing as I don't remember exactly how it is said. You'll get the gist if you have a brain though. It goes as follows: Those who are lazy do not want to do anything. Those who are even more lazy will not even want to consider what there is to do. Now, that can be applied here, if she saw the notification of her being quoted, but did not read @#addtrash's reply. If she thinks that the argument is over, because she said her piece and then ignores everything else said, even points that demolish the foundation of her argument, that's ignorant. What's even more ignorant is that if she reads the reply and she sees that she has been fuckin cucked but doesn't try to defend her stupid ass points. The most ignorant is when she sees the notification, once again knowing her walls have been demolished, but doesn't even read the reply. She doesn't give herself the option to defend her stupid ass points. It's stupid. This is all speculation though, because neither you nor I know for a fact why she hasn't responded. So I know you can't even say that confidently. If you and her think that we're going to accept her opinion when it's based on fallacies and biased opinions, then you both are sorely mistaken. TL;DR : You're stupid and so is she. Moral of the Story: Don't come for me unless you want me to drag you by your fuckin rectum. Sweetheart.
  9. Omg so long ago. jk xdd Anyhoe, I loved how you've cucked @SweetVeil with the facts but I'm even more surprised she ain't even rear her irrelevant narcissistic ass back over here to spew out her stale ass, biased, and irrelevant opinions with the vindictive rage she has for like... the 4th time already.
  10. You right, it's a waste of time to talk to idiots. Horrible Idea. -1
  11. So we can't discuss the suggestion? Okay. gg lmfao. Anyhoe, We been knew GMs won't do that. What I'm saying is temp IBs are a waste of time and not nearly enough of a compensation. But hey, if you dream little that's all you're gonna get. Deuces ○/
  12. No one said anything about getting nothing. Timed IB sets? Really? You're right, some people don't have any IB sets, but giving them timed ones won't change that. tf u thought this was lmfao.