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  1. system requirements on forum is right ? official recommend 4gb memory. many person is bothered by bug for low spec. you should fix it. right ? SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS on forum Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements OS Windows XP Windows 7 CPU Intel/AMD 1GHz Intel/AMD 2GHz Memory Above 1GB Above 2GB Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce 5 Series Nvdia GeForce 7 Series DirectX Version 9.0C 9.0C Hard Disk 3GB Space in the hard disk 4GB Space in the hard disk
  2. it is difficult to buy code, maybe scammer maybe problem happen
  3. tldr tho once, i thought if ERP leveling cube exist
  4. i wish the tickets that increase bank size is in ED Burner. because the ticket is not-gift-able. difficult to buy it. - added poll
  5. even only exchange "gold coin / 10x silver coins = Luriel's Recovery Pot". complaint decrease. i dont know KR's price of Recovery Pot tho.
  6. prob there is a bug that remove opening box animation. before open box, open other box that have no animation. then the animation is removed.
  7. finally i could log in. prob void forgot to permit us download new patch
  8. CBS. because can clear dungeon fastest & easiest, even if weak equip.
  9. "winter or summer" this concept is not good. if we cerebrate anyone's birthday everyday it would be special day? no it become normal boring day. this event change 1/4 -> 1/2 it is not good
  10. Brazil is summer now. but Elrious.