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  1. Surprisingly still awake here, invite me whenever you want.
  2. Name: Just call me Ly :^(IGN(s): SpamChanCharacter(s)/Class(es): Aether SagePrevious Guild(optional): None on this char.What made you decide to join us?: I see you like memes. I like memes too.Do you plan on staying long?: YeyeAbout(optional): I really like memes.
  3. I've checked the list of accessories (which was pretty long..) but I did not see the Cursor one. It literally is a cursor stabbing your char's head. It'd be nice if you could add it ~ It's a pretty old accessory, you can check Ariel's exchange list if you doubt it's uh... existence.
  4. IGN: FohtCharacter/Class: CBS Level: 99 Age (optional): no. Activity (how active are you): Pretty active I'd say, online every 2 days or so. Your country and timezone: UTC+01:00 Paris A little about you: There's nothing much to say about me, I'll leave it at that. :c