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    I Like playing VoidElsword, Love Anime, Play a lot of Pokemon/Digimon and I see a lot of Youtube.

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  1. Hey Welcome VoidElsword Going have Great Time Here
  2. OH really well then Welcome again then
  3. Welcome back Nice meet new Friends in the community
  4. hey Welcome back and Nice meet ya
  5. Hey! Welcome Back to Void!!! xD
  6. Welcome to the VoidEls Forums Nice meet new players/people to the Game and Forums xD (Tip Find good Character/Class start off with)
  7. Welcome To Void I never see Luciel main players seeing you need buy Two IB set's for both character and etc, Stuff. And cool that your good with Dw i think saw some players with that Type of main before. But always Nice meet other players xD
  8. LK or Lord Knight been here for year now and been really good with LK then most of the all the other Characters. (Btw if anyone likes to know what i mean " all the other Characters" Is somethings as in i didn't understand most of the moves or understand how the character worked as in skills and, How it move.) Right Now trying out (RS and IS) seeing i'm good with LK and i understand how to play him i thought i give hes other 2 classes a try even tho (i don't know how to play them ) But doesn't mean i'm not going to try . Anyway Elsword Main
  9. Welcome i'm new too Love the People/Players here everyone is Nice
  10. New here but like the people here so Welcome Back