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  1. Considering that I have almost 20+ characters... At first, I was interested to see who had the most OPness or easiest to handle, even the cuteness came to play (As long as it wasn't the typical Elboy, Raven, Aisha or Chung at first.) Funny thing is I remember when I was hesitant with trying Rose (since I would read how others say she sucks, etc.) In the end, I ended up liking her the most as Black Massacre. She was the second I had capped after capping GA and trying to main Eve; I could have chosen any, but she ended up being the one I stuck with. Things just fell into place: I enjoy her attacks, her combat style and how adorable she is. I don't think I would change mind if I had the chance again. Overall, there was a lot of trial and error and it just felt right to me.
  2. oreith

    Oops, I forgot to sign up.

    Hi and welcome o/
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    Need people to help make a guild ;;

    Awesome sauce! I've added you on discord, mine is oreith#5209
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    Need people to help make a guild ;;

    Just wondering if you're still looking for peeps to add? I can help out or just be a member. My ign is Kessen. o/
  5. oreith

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but here it goes: Steel Dogtooth, Halloween Party Accessories, Symbol of Transcendence and Theodore's bird
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    Uh... Hello.

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here. x)
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    Are you a 1 main or multiple alts person?

    Same here lol I have like 14 total and I think once you get a feel with each one, you can tell who you prefer to play with.
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    Hey, it's nice to meet you all!

    Just here to welcome you back haha. Enjoy the forums!
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    Hello! (again)

    Welcome back :0)
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    Thank you for the support; Funny thing is I'd stay, regardless. : )
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    Haha. Thanks and same to ya. o/
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    Haha. Even if I did annoy anyone, it probably isn't with intention and I can imagine with all this going on. It's a drama all right. Tea sounds great. Thanks. : )
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    Thanks for the advice. Lol.