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  1. ED rot and new Henir but probably not
  2. uhh, well it was fun raiding with you but bye i guess
  3. I mean personally I really want 2x titles and no ticket elri so I can get GoE without wasting tickets
  4. pouch drops at end of any of the dungeons or from the pvp quests. you get 1 per dungeon along with the token, and its free to open
  5. For the socket pack, would it be 25x of each color mystic stone(so basically 75, 25 red 25 yellow 25 blue), or would it be 25 mystic stones overall with randomized colors
  6. lowkey I kinda disagree because I like how limited it is, so I don't just see it everywhere also sometimes it pushes me to actually get a better time
  7. yeah lets just unban everyone
  8. can u stop changing classes pls
  9. Definately 12-6, at least when people dont murder me with lasers, I just love the aesthetic of the dungeon overall and the mechanics in it.
  10. Kinda wish you could get event mats from 11-3, how am i gonna farm for pierce with 2x titles and get all those mats for the +10 aaaaa
  11. i got my wep at 976 runs, was close to achieve, forgot to turn off fetch aura
  12. Name/Nickname (optional): Cear IGN: Kokushu Class: Oz Sorcerer Main or Alt: Main Previous Guild (if you were in one before): Just a group with friends + random guilds that I try to join but no one talks in Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): +10 Staff, +10 elri top, rest +9, 478k cp Timezone: EST About You: I'm bad but i want to be good >:( Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I want to find more people to play with and talk to about the game, as I don't have many.
  13. People do raids daily it's just a matter of findind a group, i normally either wait for megas or ask in a discord made for finding groups, most people are nice and will help you learn if you feel you die too much, just gotta be willing to learn