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  1. IGN: ElfDBClass: DaybreakerPrevious Guild: TsundereClanGear: Heroic Vision Bow +9Timezone: GMT +2 About me: - Hello :) I'm Michael and live in Poland <3 i love so much elsword Game and PVE. Internship from 2011 :) My English is terribly weak but it does not bother me to play. Sorry so much for my English ^_^Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I've been looking for people with whom I can play in a group for a very long time. Playing alone is terribly boring especially PVE. I have a discord and i'm active player
  2. But literally I miss 3 cents
  3. I would ask for some code where the PSC has any money.PLS
  4. me too , what 5 pvp or 2-3 PVE "No connection to the serwer"
  5. My favourite charackter it SD.Flaying Kite and clear dungeon xd
  6. I already nervously kneaded not 12 approaches and off again
  7. verifity 100%--->login and password 1 minute leater--->establishing 5 minute leater--->charactel select and VoidEls1 establishing and...disconect 6x why fuck,why?
  8. my launcher : Verifying version 0%-30 minutes, click 300x 100% 4ever