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  1. Evyenne

    Returning to Void for real now.

    Yep! Thanks!
  2. Hey! I hope i can enjoy playing Void again. Last time i played was on Halloween but decided to quit due to the constant crashes. So now that it's not happening, i've decided to come back!
  3. Evyenne

    i'm back.

    Welcome back to Void! Hope you have a great time here again!
  4. Evyenne

    Add dung drop x2 for this Christmas?

    Hamas didn't ask when is the christmas update coming, he asked if there will be x2 Drop rates for add dungeon on this christmas And ontopic: i think it might be because we had this year (though it wasn't on christmas)
  5. Evyenne

    Hello i'm back~

    Thank you so much!
  6. Evyenne

    Hello i'm back~

    Hey! I'm back to Void since it has recently received a big update and a halloween event. I've already downloaded both of them, so time to go back on the forums too!
  7. Evyenne

    Good-bye Void!

    Good luck on whatever you want to do next.
  8. Evyenne

    Back to Void

    Thank you so much!
  9. Evyenne

    Back to Void

    Hello everyone! I am Hatoriel, i'm back from a 1-year long break. I'm playing Diabolic Esper which i made today, since i don't play the character i had 1 year ago (which was a Lord Knight) and i'm only 3 levels away from 99! Does anyone know a good guide regarding that class? I'm new to it. Thanks Fey! Anyways, glad to meet ya all!
  10. Evyenne


    i did, please accept.
  11. Evyenne


    but i'm not going o.O
  12. Evyenne


    goodbye, stranger.
  13. Evyenne

    Hi... owo

    welcome and enjoy your stay here in the forums!
  14. Evyenne

    [Serpentis] We sound cool but, its just memes.

    GL with your guild!~ And first bump to count the first day~