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  1. Decided to leave the guild for a certain reason.
  2. Jerid

    Looking for a Guild!

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I main Fatal Phantom! Guild found, their GM seems to be really nice and kind. R>Lock! @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera
  3. Jerid


    Welcome to Void! Hope you have a great time here!
  4. Hey! I'm back to the game today! And i'm also looking for a guild for my main Chung! (IGN: Jerid) It needs to be PvE, Active, and have people to talk & play with! (I mainly run Elrianode dungs, currently working on my Elria gear! Then i'll get Void~)
  5. Can we get Spring Event? Nope, and no ED Burner rotation either! ... It's fine! We always have the
  6. Welcome to Void Els! Hope you level up all your characters to 99 with no trouble!
  7. Jerid


    IGN: Alvad Main or Alt: Alt Previous Guild: None on this alt, it's a new character. Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a PvE guild!
  8. Literally my reaction when i see 2.5 update drop in out of nowhere:
  9. Thanks for your opinion Sorry for double post! R>Merge posts @Naivety @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera And also to lock this thread because the answer was given out by @soft so there's absolutely no way to get her added!