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  1. R>Lock @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera Found a guild!
  2. Title. Not looking for anything with high level, i just want to have people to play together & make friends with!
  3. Welcome to VoidEls! Hope you have a great time around here!
  4. If you hate Eve, then you can try out LuCiel, they're a very good character. The main concept of the character is the ability to switch between the character, because the character is actually two different characters in one. They share every stat except Mana. They have separate MP bars.
  5. Welcome to Elsword! Hope you enjoy playing! If you want, i can help you Level up to 99. And if you haven't decided yet, i recommend you to try out Eve first!
  6. Jerid


    Welcome back to the game!
  7. Welcome back to Void! :D 


    1. Marisia


      ASFKsakjsfajkfsa Thank chu!! Your so fast- afskjfksjfs I didn't expect to be welcomed back before i even say i'm back LMAOOO! It's so gud to be bck!! I hope ur enjoying ur time with the event in void too!


  8. Jerid


    Welcome to Void! Hope you have fun playing here!
  9. Welcome to Void! Hope you have fun playing this private server!
  10. I'd like to join in the guild and help with it's growth and have fun with members! My IGN: Jerid. PS: Your discord link is invalid! Make it permanent, so that it won't expire again.
  11. Hopefully we get a +10 amulet this time.