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  1. Can we get Spring Event? Nope, and no ED Burner rotation either! ... It's fine! We always have the
  2. Welcome to Void Els! Hope you level up all your characters to 99 with no trouble!
  3. Umbringen


    IGN: Alvad Main or Alt: Alt Previous Guild: None on this alt, it's a new character. Reason for wanting to join: Looking for a PvE guild!
  4. Literally my reaction when i see 2.5 update drop in out of nowhere:
  5. Thanks for your opinion Sorry for double post! R>Merge posts @Naivety @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera And also to lock this thread because the answer was given out by @soft so there's absolutely no way to get her added!
  6. Donte be so rude! Or i will jumpe on your heade and your ass will be the one to teleport itself! Made where? I cannot find it.
  7. I just can't find her in Lanox or Altera or Elysion or Elrianode or Varnimyr. Having her in those would be a good idea!
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    PvE Guild

    Hello! Need a guild for my Raven! PvE Active, English. That's all!
  9. Umbringen

    LF>PvE Guild

    Ah, thanks for letting us know.
  10. Ok so, first. You should get your Add to level 99. Then you should run some Heroic Dungeons, and get heroic gear from it. You can ask some people for help if you can't beat that dungeon. This heroic gear will last until you get Elrianode Armor and Void Type Weapon. Get Heroic to at least +8. That will make your character quite strong before end game content. Drop ones that are at least above rank 20 heroic rank, and they have to be unique, for better set effects. And try to go for the set effects if you can, they give a lot of Combat Power boosts. After you get full heroic gear, you can start farming ED to get some important items. Heroes of Speed Ring, and Further Improved Hero Ring. After you do that, you can start farming for the Void Type Weapon in the Add's Fusion Theory. Then, you can start getting Elrianode armor from elrianode dungeons and apply tears to them, i suggest using Blue Tears since you are a magic class. Some people will go for titles at this point, for more CP of course. So i recommend these titles for a start: Passion Pay Storm Warrior Children of the Wind They require a lot of grinding though, so be prepared to grind your days off! Some of them are proc title, and Lunatic Psyker can do a lot of multihits with his command attacks. And he's pretty quick, too. If you still didn't get your Void weapon to +10. You can just wait for the next christmas event which will give you an +10 enhance amulet. (hopefully). It gains a 10 Physical/Magical Lv.s on +10 from a enhance stage. The damage gain is 10% from that. This gear is good enough to be a really strong Lunatic Psyker. You can go for +11 and the best Elrianode Armors after that, but there's better guides than this. Thanks for reading all of this and hope you Kuri can become as strong as the rest of us! Cheerio