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  1. Eliandria

    LF>PvE Guild

    i can offer u a small but friendly guild~~ or well if u preffer a bigger guild i would suggest u ~~~
  2. ~~Ara as the Beach Bubble Queen~~ IGN: Lailaa "So are we there yet?" Items Used:
  3. accepted~ do join our discord and if u are online rn, whisper me on Eliandria :)
  4. accepted~~ join our discord for an easier invite~ :) and welcome back to the game
  5. why not worth it. just make it craftable from naeun but to be an avatar part not equipment .-.
  6. well we already told u by now~~ hehe
  7. Arcadium~ a Friendly family oriented PvE guild. Even though the guild was established a long time ago, we are properly functioning as a guild since recently once again~ The Guild is currently LvL 13~ As already said, we are a PvE guild, on a daily basis doing SDs, Heroics, Elrianode and Varnimyr dungeons. We include raids and guild expeditions in our list too. As well as some Guild Mini games~ But we don’t only stop on the PvE side, we do spar, and do some PvP from time to time as well, and sometimes we just love to chill and joke around, be a little bit lazy. >All members are expected to follow the official VoidEls rules which can be found on https://www.voidels.to/forum/index.php?/topic/21-voidels-official-rules/ > Any breaking of the official VoidEls rules will not be tolerated, such as hacking and scamming will be immediately reported to the Void Staff, and kicked out of the guild >We also expect you to respect your fellow guild mates. Joking is naturally allowed, but pls do not cross the line (no racism, cursing, disrespecting other guild members) >Please try not to argue with your guild mates, if any argue occur pls talk to the Guild Staff so we can try resolve it within the guild walls. >Guild Bank: Every member is free to use the guild bank. But we do appreciate when u take something to put something back in it. Things allowed in the guild bank: IB/IM set parts, useful materials such as the ones from SDs, TH ones, El Tears (pls do not put useless tears in the bank), Elrianode tickets, Seals, Mounts, Pets, Consumables and Drugs. There may be other useful things i forgot to mention so if you have a suggestion pls contact the Guild Staff. >Allowed inactivity: 10days, after that a nice kick is following, except for those who informed about their absence >Guild ranks: ~Initiate: those who were appointed with that rank probably broke a rule that doesn’t count in immediate kicking ~Member: rank appointed upon joining the guild ~ Veteran: appointed to all members that join the discord ~ Officer: appointed to the members who are already in the guild for a longer time, were active, helpful and gained the GMs trust. ~Admin: Appointed to the few ppl that were specially active, helped improve the guild to be a better place, are being fully trusted by the GM, and know how to handle troublemakers. >And the most important rule: Be yourself and have fun~ (For now) Better known as Elly~ Usually lazy and chilling around in the guild base, but when its down to business can be found spamming some dungeons and helping guidlies~ Therefore if u need any help do not hesitate to ask her. Can be found giving rather good advice that she never knew to use for herself haha Nottingham a.k.a Dan is our cute admin that never knows what to play. One day he mains chung, the other day he mains raven, the 3rd day he is on add, and so on~ To everyone seems that he is making new chars on a daily basis, and changing his mind about his main char at least once a week~ He might seem shy at first, naah he is just probably afk so be sure to spamm pings at him on discord. Various events are being hosted frequently~ The guild has an active discord server~ Only invited guests may enter~ Joining us is not hard~ There are no requirements for joining except being active, friendly and talkative :D Joining is possible via forum (here), at Myu or join our discord server and ask to be invited~ IGN: Level & class: Age (optional): Timezone (optional): What made you decide to join us?: Credits for the art goes to: @Marumi Change log~~