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  1. Thank you for addressing the issue and explaining them properly, things like these really helps if community know what is going on and less bitching is done.
  2. They haven't done anything to gain the trust of the people, to gain the trust you have to approach first. Everything is mostly thrown under the bus in the name of "technical difficulty" with no further reason why its impossible task, at this point people are just using the "technical difficulty" as a meme to roast staff members. @VoidCM I love how you only replied to the main post and be like "This is feedback?" but didn't bother checking other people criticism, like I dunno maybe how bans or even temp bans are ignored cuz one of the staff is in relationship with this x person? how ran is exposing or in some case "doxxing" people even though she has no right to dig her nose into people, ever thought maybe these people just want to stay low profile due to some drama or start a clean slate? I also love how sera's post literally repeat same thing current official staff already chant on forums or on discord, so much for "adding the perspective" It really provide no context how things are done behind the close door, why bans are given metal gear solid tier code name ooga booga mumbo jumpo. MAC ban 1-2-3? the hell people suppose to give appeal about? maybe I should throw in appeal, "sorry for using mac apple product pls unban me, I love billy daddy now" I get it, you've to be vague so actual hacker or rule breaker don't find the loophole but at the same time you're also hurting the innocent players, and please don't bring crap on me like "our ban system is 100% accurate and justified" nothing is accurate, you already banned my friend once (I dunno exact reason cuz as always void staff is vague what the person ban for) and was ban for "hacking" only to be un-ban later which I'm grateful of, but really mistakes can be made. (staff is human in the end) Can we stop with super vague ban reason? if its pvp hacking then call it "pvp hacking" or "pve hacking" you don't have to be super accurate for everything. Good luck talking here, I'm sure structure bot will copy n paste a reply lock to this thread in the name of the necro. Or maybe void CM will make ANOTHER Transparency & Relationship thread all over again, reply for 3-2 month and forget the thread existence and lets not forget to unpin the thread later to repeat the cycle of life all over again.
  3. To add more salt to your wound all the money inaste prob holding right now and throwing on server, its most likely from the money he gain from selling those hacking tool.
  4. Its a good thing but under what conditions when it was made and how late it was made makes me wonder many times they do stuff like that to benefit themselves or keep the people they like under their circle safe. That pretty much the whole point why I bring this here otherwise I don't give a rat ass if they are protection a person due to being friends.
  5. From the video evidence and whole 2 hr stream I've downloaded and witness (the cringe was real but whatever) Thats a massive lie.
  6. Edited the first post to bring more example of staff being "inconsistent"
  7. I like how you guys are bitching about ban appeal not doing the proper job meanwhile I've been in condition where I've reported people who abused glitches in the past and used hack in ereda (I know its 2019 and no one play ereda but its still part of game and makes good money) and they never get ban or any temp ban if anything whenever staff feel like giving a fuck you to player they can always pull this tbh. EDIT: I forget to add this important note that many may find it interesting (not calling out anyone here or anything) and maybe provide some example of how biased staff is. If anyone curious why this rule was made and shoved so late in "rule book" Its because one of the staff "friend" broke this rule by making pre-made ereda parties with their friend to farm ereda medals, basically to make chronicle and sell it to market for 700-1b each. How I know this? I accidentally entered their trade win - loss party when they expected que will be complete dead (ereda que are mostly dead if someone dunno that) (Names are cut out cuz for obvious reason.) If you think I only have random chat text then no I also have proper video evidence from the guy HIMSELF making those pre-made parties lol apparently he was streaming the whole vid on fucking twitch lmao and he didn't told his other friends about it. I manage to take out the clip before it was taken down. I can post the vid here but it contain names of people. When I reported them with all the video evidence and ingame chats they simple told me that time "there is no rule for it so we can't ban them" I knew instantly they are trying to save this one particular person because they are in relationship with one of the moderator (its her boyfriend) and don't wish to ban him so using that as excuses was most easy way to ignore me, after that I told the staff if he's not getting ban cuz he's deep friend with staff then I'll ALSO start abusing the system aka match rig with my own group of friends in ereda. Guess what happened? They added that rule without wasting time the following week. I just love how biased and inconsistent you guys are when it comes to banning someone. On one hand you don't hesitate to ban someone instantly joking about RMT or doing silly lil shit then at the same time you guys don't mind being biased toward your friend and save their asses for almost a week and don't slap them with ban or even temp ban. TL:DR: I'll eat your cat.
  8. You bring very good point but this thread will be buried under many complain thread people make and most likely going to be closed without letting the discussion go further. (Like always)
  9. I'm pretty neutral towards the whole idea but know this.. Getting Raid wep is only half of the story, it still requires players to do raid further down the line to gain mystic stone (unless you are some retarded whale that is willing to pay over 400$ out of your mom credit card) and not to mention you must upgrade the wep to +11 to open full potential. Even if you do obtain raid wep by some other means, you would still have to do raid to make further progress on your weapon overall.
  10. Been calling it ultimate cash grab since server turn green lul.
  11. Kaad

    ELSTAR Event

    Meanwhile I want whole el star cringe fest to burn in inferno of hell. Wishful thinking.
  12. Imagine playing RH with +11 FoJ, perfect mystic, el tear, raid accessories and slap that bad boi with oath of ruin title maybe. Devastating strike to win.
  13. Welp LF> Shut down of this weebo simulator so we can fuck around.
  14. Only reason anyone would -1 this because they are trying to attempt EC code scam. @DoomBringer So does job change ticket from item mall, but now we have cube that provide any job change ticket, they are bankshareable and can probably also turn tradeable but not done so cuz they are kept event exclusive for a reason. Could be done same for any item. Its more or less about how much they are willing to look into this rather than calling it a day with "iTs a tEcHiCaL iSsUe", but thats just my two cents.