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  1. I did used my armor break (-40% defense) on boss and he was kneel state which also increase players dmg/attack speed further. Cata in general are best known for absolute dmg whoring. Some classes even do NEGATIVE dmg if they surpass dmg cap limit of one hit skill for example cata being one of them and another one I know is Rage Heart with devastating strike if you are geared hard enough.
  2. Kaad

    Raid accessories

    Welp Seems like staff is going to ignore this suggestion like many others in the name of "Not having enough time" (even though they find enough time to shit post) or "its technical difficulty" bullshit. Have free bump from this annoyed man anyway.
  3. Kick system is pretty bullshit indeed. Lemme add another example. >Be me, a furious blade main. >FB and decently heavy geared >Meet Cata and 2 people in 12-8 que. >Cata leech (mind you I know difference between a who is leeching and those who are newbie or someone can't keep up cuz fuck kog and their balancing issue) >they literally did nothing but just use mount n wait for us to clear the room >He finally get kick warning. >Ofc he didnt get kick. >We reached boss room >Cata one shot the boss using apollyn (apparently he was geared mofo but just lazy fat fuck) >Result screen? >He outdmg everyone and it really did look like we are the one who were leeching than him lmao All I can say, fuck logic. Eh pretty sure ain dont have teleport, its aisha and furious blade movement speed buff is normalized which is no where close to many other classes like Empire Sword or Richter.
  4. Eh they always been useful if you are hardcore erp grinder.
  5. Well it is op but for some people it is simply not enough once you hit 350+ ERP level.
  6. Girl. Its not even 800% I asked staff if its really is 800% and it turns out its actually base 400% technically. Why? void already use base exp that is already boosted by 400% and with this buff it simply become 800% not 1200% All I can say.. Get fucked.
  7. https://elwiki.net/w/Mysterious_El_Lord_Wings MEL Wing price increase: 200%
  8. I love how we went from ape shit TO THIS Wtf man no 100% mission??
  9. >no 100% mission >but 800% is in.
  10. 11/10 100% legit FB Best player in void server.
  11. Honestly the fact that people even think +10 is enough to access and have dungeon in "playable" state more saddening. If anything we should be getting +11 amulet on special occasion than piss poor +10 like every year that still limit people going beyond 12-4. Good luck with raid and have fun getting carried by arrogant whale and dip shit people that only carry for flame exchange reward otherwise you are ignored for party and 12-8 is absolutely out of question to grind unless someone generous enough to carry you. Notice the key word "carry" thats pretty much current state of game right now and its not even void fault from start but rather king of garbage dev that focus their game more n more on +11user. I don't want to imagine NA peasant player condition that run around with piss poor gear in dungeon or sometimes even without IB. But anyway thats just my two cent and little rant I went off topic. TL;DR: +10 craft is not complete solution if anything I wish we could remove stupid adapt debuff that quite frankly very obvious way to shaft anyone below +11 user. I mean think about it they could increase mobs defense and attack but instead they decided to nerf player dmg instead to punish only certain upgrade tier of people. Play your manga, scrub.
  12. Time to wait each year for christmas event to get craftable +10 amulet. Am I tright boi!
  13. No gears at all. Just level requirement. >get your friend or someone in your guild with 10+ alt (you should have 10+ alt too) >do the guild mini game (it takes 1-2 min to complete both mini games together time total) >make 200+ coin You just made 200+ coin in just one day and doing this daily for 4 days give you 1k guild coin which is honestly pretty easy work if you are small guild (though not everyone has 10+ alt character so its the only issue) Like I said in my first post DONT FUCKING VOTE FOR GUILD PACK ITS A LITERAL SCAM.