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  1. Kaad

    Make Dimension Master Cubes Bankshareable

    +1 Probably the biggest joke right now is the tick box "show all character item"
  2. Kaad

    Economy problems.

    >EC price too retarded >People complain and make economy thread. >EC price too generous and cheap >Still complain and make economy thread. What the actual literally fuck?
  3. God dammit put upgraded Dimension set in MW!
  4. Kaad

    pvp still bullshit after 2.5?

    More like When pvp was NOT bullshit to begin with?
  5. Kaad

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Million dollar question is. DId laby get our peasant tier VIP sale's agent in her level up cube?
  6. Kaad

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    That sweet feeling when you download update before server even came online. gg void you finally fixed your download issue after so many years.
  7. Kaad

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Everything good but that title.. Well regardless. TIME TO BANDWAGON KE AND EW.
  8. Kaad

    Raid accessories

    I disagree. Its already insane and stupid enough to grind Elnoodle el tear and armor (upgrade them to +10) for each CHARACTER I want to play. I can definitely survive +9 armor but really? the game is borderline cancer to play once you reach Varnimyr when you need absolute best of best gear. I'm not a whale or some grind no life losers like many people but can we not not make game so centered and force you to play only ONE character. Remember lv70 SD gears when we could bankshare any gear to alt and enjoy that said class? If not bankshare they need to have 2-3 seal limit at least and I could say same for Elnoodle Armor.
  9. Kaad

    Most fun dungeon?

    HoB and Solace Fortress. Honestly these two dungeons were kog best design after that I never liked any of their dungeon.
  10. Sure, Dorito https://elwiki.net/babel/?p=6405#more-6405 This cucks ED and Exp gain by 30-40% Have fun grinding.
  11. People worried about which class to play meanwhile I'm crying at ed and exp nerf that comes with 2.5
  12. -1 They already given us free ERP PAGE which itself cost like 25$ per page official server(assuming you want 2 page thats 50$) how much freebie stuff you want?
  13. Kaad

    Soo.. No valentine event?

    Open bobs and vegana
  14. Kaad

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    lol This shit will get 300+ vote and still going to rot like many thousand suggestion that void community make. Not trying to demotivate but.. "THATS HOW MAFIA VOID WORK"