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  1. (Everything is based on pve) I won't make a detail stuff (as if our opinion even matter or kog even going to listen) but here's the nutshell of classes I want buff and nerf Elboy KE: Massive nerf (Don't even come at me saying he deserve all the buff because of 9 years of shit he went through. No class deserve that much autism amount of buff this class gained over and it just cringe my soul how brain dead and bandwagon class he has become and future void balance patch only going to buff him further) RM: Massive Buff (RS/RM reached to the point he's worst elboy right now and if you think he's better than IM you are a pure idiot in my book that never tried all elboy) IM: Fix his hitbox already. Raven FB: Nerf dmg buffer skill and buff mana gain. RH: Buff mod nuke when NI: Neutral. He's doing good in demon realm as game is no longer about speed running but rather require you to be bossing slave. Elesis (RIP GALE) FL: This class is such a chore to play with autism amount of active skill that boost her dmg. SHE NEEDS REVAMP. ES: Nerf it. Nerf it all the way. BQ: She is really good class both in field and completely destroy boss in comparison to any class but in the past having low-hp wasn't a big deal because nothing was touching the player but now? BQ is in terrible condition as even a single slap from mob can kill her. I'd say nerf her dmg and give her new passive that revive her after death maybe then she will able to keep up with others. I can't speak about other classes as I dont have proper knowledge how they work. but then again.. DELETE AIN AND ADD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  2. Kaad

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    >Look up how BM look and why everyone going nuts >A basic bootleg FUCKING SPACE CADET IB TURNED BLACK AND WHITE W/ SHITTY FURR FOR FURRY COMMUNITY. I'm so disappointed. "CAN WE COPY STRIKE KOG"
  3. Kaad

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    >No Event. Fuck.
  4. Kaad

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    Can't wait for this suggestion to be buried alive like many other suggestion or castrated to un-recognized state that it become useless as fuck yo. Have free bump
  5. Kaad

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    +1 Because ur mums gay.
  6. Kaad


    Welcome to hell.
  7. Kaad

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Every faggot that continue to damage drabaki even after getting SS rank and not letting weaker geared people have better rank. Just kill yourself.
  8. Kaad

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    Not sure how much it helps in KR after ERP revamp but it mostly helps the people with high ERP level (like 400-500) its a nerf and buff at same time. As for now I seriously think even +10 isn't enough to survive in raid. Yes, you can enter raids easily and yes knowing pattern does help but overall if your damage per second is bad in comparison to +11 user no one really pick you for party and you are bound to be ignored unless they really lack one or 2 slot to fill (thats honestly every 12-7 party hunt) or you have good friends that will carry your butt regardless. (if you want legit proof that then check raid board every week its same people from rank 1-70 and only few new people pop in) If lack of +11 isn't enough then we also have full fledge class shafting. Oh you want to play raid with IM? well get fucked buddy cuz no one really want that class in raid unless you are geard to teeth . TL;DR: Raid in general is pile of shit content imo (and having audacity to release new character instead of fixing power creep issue is just shows how pathetic this company and how dumb this community is to accept all of this bullshit), +10 won't help you much in raid and +11 is somewhat must or else you will be complete dead weight to your party unless you're buff slave class.(applies to 12-7 mostly) TL;DR: of TL;DR Fuck you, Kog
  9. So I can go full salvatore solace autism.
  10. Kaad

    Do you roleplay when you play Elsword?

    Pretty sure some people do. I mean add is asshole and every add main is truly an asshole. They are role playing, right!? RIGHT!?
  11. Kaad

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    Oh wow people actually supporting this. Sadly I have zero hope staff will let us have craftable +10 cuz "No Fun Allowed" autism in their brain cells. Would be nice if they prove me wrong though. Regardless. Have a bump.
  12. For me its more like what server I was not in KR and JP.
  13. Kaad

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    +1 Because I want more people in raid and anyone that think +9 is ok in current meta is living under a rock and most likely a pvp whore. Betmanypeoplearetriggeredbutwhocares.
  14. Kaad

    Rena hater

    I really doubt anyone can hate ex boobie queen of elshit.