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  1. I'm the 69th follower this is fate

  2. Did I sign in to my dead account just to harass you You're damn right I did you glorious bastard Congrats Han you're a big girl now uwu
  3. Okay gomen. Cancel my lock request, ya boi Dio is incharge of this now, or like any other Alpaca idc. ill be dead until late January anyway GL kids.
  4. Fuck SH it henlo hi we're still a thing and Christmas in retail is shit have a nice day everyone f uck
  5. Fun fact: Vil is working 24/7 so we're basically dead ingame but hey our discord has some pretty dope maymays
  6. Vil

    Is this [DIO] from the popular game [Super Smash Bros]?

    1. robin


      heck yeah man i'm [Broly] from the hit game [Star of the North Fist]

  7. With all due respect, can't you literally get any of these by cashing anyway? Ive seen some hoes in mega accepting EC/ED for +9/+10 amulets. Just seems kinda ass to praise paying players because they found their mummy's bank details.
  8. Hello I see you worship our lord and saviour 3rd Job LP and I wanted to offer copious amounts of my life span to ensure his release quicker, are you the priest at this humble abode, and thus the on I present my offering too?

  9. My duderino, I thought it was like a given to wait 48 hours for a response and not 4. I have 8 hour shifts at work on any given day plus there could be time zone differences between the two of us. My admins don't want to accept willy nilly without at least consulting with the other members first. Regardless, judging from your impatience, It seems we're not your preferred type of company, and we wouldn't be a group of people you would enjoy company with, so I wish you luck on finding another guild better suited to your needs. ٩( ᐛ )و