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  1. Bumping gay ahoges
  3. I thought that was Eve but it turns out to be Apple, huh. Also team ignia I guess? IDK. Are the idol pouches RNG based or sth?
  4. I would personally prefer a match up of 1 4 7, and then the last one would either be idk, 5 or 8.
  5. Original: By yours truly~ Bumping~
  6. Regarding Void Artist, after seeing all the other entries and then looking at mine I wanna ask if tragedy related themes are allowed and if showing blood and scratches is prohibited or not? Is it okay to write gloomy or sad couple themes?
  7. IGN: Rigelia Name/What you want to be called: I normally go by Niki Timezone:(Optional) : GM-4 Reason for joining(Optional): Well it turns out that what was going to be an alt is becoming a main and I thought of looking for an active guild for her. Tell us a little about yourself: I like reading CNovels a hell lot. My hobby is drawing shit and occasionally I go and write some fandom fics.  What will you be expecting from this guild?: A friendly atmosphere I guess. Gaming friends I can geek around and not be awkward with, I guess?
  8. Hey, sorry for the late reply.I'm currently online. Do I join the discord server in advance?
  9. IGN: Ukaselm Class: Noblesse going Innocent Language: English, Chinese, Spanish Age: 18  About me: I love reading stuff on internet whether it's fan fiction or not. For the past year I have switched from Fanfiction to reading CNovels. I occasionally write some stuff and I draw shit when the mood strikes me. My social anxiety and shyness has a trigger happy on/off switch. (IT ISN'T THAT I'M AWOL I'M ALWAYS THERE IT'S JUST ANXIETY STRANGLING ALL WORDS OUT OF ME.) Why you would like to join us: I have technically been playing Voidels for... uh... over a year and half? But I never got too far into the content considering I had to get gear and it took me quite some time to get one, and also life issues made game playing kinda sporadic to point I took a break. Recently got back to playing and thought of looking for a guild to stalk-- Ehem!--deep with. So I'm kinda that person who has existed in Voidels for a long time but never got past noob stage because life. Big guilds are kinda nerve wracking and in my experience sort of awkward?