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  1. It would've been nice if the "revamp" was an actual revamp rather than an update... But okay I guess~
  2. This is why I stopped playing Sariel honestly, people always saying how op she is, but in reality, unless you have the funds for spamming pots, she's just.... not? Im the kind of player that attempts to use combos even in dungeon (Daybreaker's xx and FL's xzz are some of my favorite), Sariel just does nothing, and cant even gain mana unless you wanna just slap things around for no damage and hardly any mp gains... It's honestly sad. On topic, I would give Oz less clunky combos, her xx>x is really stiff for me, and I would fix raven's zz><zz loop because I miss seeing pro ravens qq
  3. x.x You seem to think I want fields to be massively rewarding, in reality I just want them to not be completely invalidated. A couple decent rewards here and there, a little more exp, maybe a quest or two, that's how fields were on officials and that never seemed to overcrowd the fields. In reality, nothing done will make fields better than dungeons, I just want them to actually be a part of the game. I doubt a little extra stuff will draw in the masses.
  4. ....That's the point of this suggestion though? To fix that =/
  5. But...we do have fields, and a good number of them. Fieta, Velder, Hamel, Sander, Lanox, Elysion, a good 3-5 different sections for each region. Maybe some people just don't bother to look? =/ What's the point of having these systems in the game if we aren't gonna use them, in fact fields used to be my favorite part of the game. Maybe they're just lost on some people? I was actually expecting more support than this... Despite what Void has the capability of doing, something can be done. Whether it's adding an extra custom void box to the field bosses, or adding different exchange options? It's a system of the game, despite what everyone seems to assume, and it should be utilized in some way or another.
  6. Heyo~ So for a couple of days now I've been incredibly bored, so I started spending time in fields since it used to be one of my most favorite things to do in elsword. I was just standing idly, hoping to find another player to talk too and using phoenix strike every now and then, when all of the sudden something happened that I haven't seen in forever A FIELD BOSS! Well my excitement died when I killed the thing with one Aero Strafe. I opened the box that it dropped and waddaya know... 20 Blessed Armour stones. Seriously? Onto my suggestion! Fields are not an essential part of Void, or Elsword in general, but I want this to change! All the friends I ever made in Elsword were from fields! I would like the amount of exp/ED to increase from killing monsters in field, maybe also that they could spawn "hidden" rewards like treasure chests to drop something interesting after a certain number of killed monsters. That way more people would play in fields, and maybe they'd be a little more viable for people instead of spamming dumbgeons dungeons. As for the field bosses.... cmon man. Lets make them beefy! Gimme some of that old fashion team work! We could update the rewards box not to be such absolute garbage, maybe add increased chances for non garbage amulets, maybe the possibility of a unique accessory from the region the field is in, defense requests, maybe rare pets that you can only get from the boxes. As for the boss soul rewards, maybe we can use those to exchange for +9's, add in golden stamps, different pets, maybe a mount or two. I just think fields are such an underrated part of our game, but they used to be so much fun! Let's bring them back!
  7. Wow. Imagine, in the real world for a sec, you were a paying user of some specific power company or whatever. You notice a mistake with something, so you call and tell them, and they say "Nah we provide a service so we don't technically have to help you..." What would you do? You would freak out and try and change power companies! But... since they won't help you, because they don't have too.... you see the problem right? My point is, no, they don't have too. But, in a situation like I described, the customer has the right to complain, don't they? I can tell what you're thinking, "That's a totally different situation!" But... is it? Is it really? We donate to void because we wan't the server to keep running, OP spent her own hard earned money, that ultimately went back into the server, to continue playing this game. Does she not have the right to be supported? Nowhere in the rules was it stated that account support would be suspended after purchasing an account, or that you would lose support for an account that isn't originally yours. That just makes no sense to me, and I support the OP 100% because it's unfair. But the point of this thread isn't to argue whether or not this is fair, that's what you're not getting. It's to spread the word to other paying users of void who buy an account, that should they have an issue or a bug, they won't get help in this specific situation, and possibly to inform void staff that this should be stated in the rules. Which personally, I think it should. womp
  8. Yes but her point is that ultimately, nowhere in the rules does it say you will lose the support of staff once buying an account. In this case void staff is certainly in the wrong, it should be stated in the rules clearly. If it's not stated in the rules, and if account selling isn't banable, because void staff know it would lose potential income for the server despite refusing to support the accounts in question, then they are even more in the wrong. So I don't understand your point?
  9. I prefer consistency, cause to me RNG is frustrating as hell. At least running the dungeons you ALWAYS got something... it may have been a useless something but still it was something. My luck is terrible though, anything RNG based doesn't agree with me salty cause i didn't even get a +9 When It comes to the event, I have no complaints. I just like that we HAD an event, considering that they're actually rareish in void
  10. I picked Apple... cause she cute as hell, guess I'm on the losing team? qwq lookit that adorable face tho
  11. It's lessened by 40% in pvp, it says so on the bottom of the resonance stat page! Except the Dungeon category, which doesnt work qwq
  12. The inability to effectively solo in this game lmao. Either you accept a party or sit through queue hoping no one's there. I literally can't play in parties due to my toaster laptop! Why do i need to spend 20 minutes in a dungeon trying to hack away at over powered monsters! The annoying grind! You cant have a game that expects its players to spend 90% of their free time playing The. Same. Dungeon. Over and oooooverrr. I think what a lot of people on Elsword forget is that games are supposed to be.... Fun. Not a chore. That's one of the reasons I moved to void, yet still here we are
  13. Dunno if this has been answered yet- Why is it that we can only queue for Laby dungeons? My laptop can't handle a party =T I need to solo
  14. Isn't this the question with almost all MMOs? Everyone knows the game they love CAN (and probably will) die, the question isn't is it dying, it's more "when will the devs stop giving a damn" As for if void is dying... I mean, people are still spending money on it so probably not. The playerbase in void hasn't ever actually anywhere nearly as massive as the officials, so yeah it might be a bit empty sometimes but that's not an indicator of how well off the game is. I've played Elsword for around 5 years casually, moved to void about a year and a half ago when my best friend got banned. I have to say, I like void, it doesn't force casual players to choose between spending to make life easier, or using tons of time for something that just seems like such a small payoff, a good example is the original transcendence grind in officials. But, void has problems. Please understand I love void and I'm not knocking it at all, this is just an attempt to answer the topic at hand! The few and far between events we have are mostly copy and paste. Free things, pretty easy grinds, but after the first time doing an event for a +9 it just seems so boring and pointless. Staff tends not to communicate, especially on plans for future things. I get not getting people's hopes up, "you said we would have ___ but it isn't in the update!!" "you said the maintenance would be done at ___ but it isn't yet!!", but is it not better to give your playerbase an idea rather than leave them completely in the dark? The no ETA garbage is my biggest frustration with void, and honestly the reason i don't even bother to check updates anymore. It's annoying and stupid. Elsword in itself is not a fun game. It's nothing but grind, grind, spendmoney, grind. Void lessens this a bit, but there's only so much it can do, and with the smaller amount of players most things targeted towards social and player interactions are muted. Which means for me as a casual social person, Void is harder for me to enjoy than officials. These are just my opinions and probably not things most void players feel, but they are reasons that I personally almost never play, besides logging on to check if the one active guild I've found has kicked me out yet. Anyway, Void is probably fine. There are ways it could easily increase player numbers and generally improve, for sure, but considering how the officials are currently doing I'd say Elsword in general might not last too much longer. But they might have a plan to save it, so who's to say? oof, I need to lay off with the rants lol